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4th shake????

maybe if i have my usual tetra at around 4-5 then half a vanilla with coffee around 8-9.
so then i`ll have only gone over by half????

do you think it`ll make me want more tom?


Trying to stay healthy!
hi buffy, can't really advise as i haven't been in that situation so far, would you have enough supplies to keep you going for the week if had an extra one? i would think it would definitely be better to have an extra cd pack than anything else anyway. good luck!


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It all depends on you. Having an extra pack is like doing SS+ so I can't imagine it being too bad for you if you really need it. Better to have an extra pack than to feel the need to pick at something that's not allowed :D
i have enough supplies wise.
gonna really try, but am getting hungry already, i hate totm. you dont really notice how much it effects you until doing something like this.
will maybe just go to bed around 7pm......lol


Trying to stay healthy!
bloody hormones!! i found my pre totm week was the worst ever!! think i going to have extra porridge in for that week next month!


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I have 4 packs instead of 3 anyway on my restart - only way I can stick to it now. Can't say I notice much difference weight loss wise - except it costs me a bit more £ wise!

You'll be fine, and better a cd pack than something else.
gonna try and hold out, just worried that if i have an extra pack today, i might have to have one tomorrow, and so on. but will if i need to.
it`s so annoying the way hormones can control you like this.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi I go to a cambridge group we all have 4 a day for the very reason of being able to stick to it a bit easier,I have lost 20lbs in 3 weeks so if you need a 4th have it and dont feel bad you will be fine.
I don't think it would do you any harm :)
Personally though, I find the bars make me want to eat so that might be something to consider next time.
Hope you have a good evening :)

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