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4th week results and reslly pleased

Well done on your 20lb loss since January, that is excellent. I will reserve judgement on the Chicken soup though!! Hehe.
chicken soup

Hi Pearly
No really I thought the chicken soup was foul :8855::8855:(no pun intended) when I first started but now I can only say its really nice. I add white pepper to it. Hope that doesn't have carbs in it but what the heck its PEPPER at the end of the day.I can always say i'm colour blind:D:D.
Don't you think this site is just great. I have had to pull back from it as I was geting so engrossed. It's nice to see how others are managing and gives great support as well.
I know what you mean, it becomes addictive. I will have to watch myself my addiction to food is being replaced by addiction to this site. Lol!!! Still no chance of me trying that soup ever though!! Urgh.
waht about the bars

Surely their not fit for humans. My chemist gave me one as he said there will come a day when I will feel the need to chew something. Well the day has not arrived yet, but I tried the peanut bar and chewed and chewed and spat it out. I could not describe what it felt or tasted like YUK....KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. My sister has one for breakfast and finds it ok. There's no accounting for taste is there?
Well done on your weight loss so far thats great.
Chicken soup is ok, if mixed with curry powder or pepper or chilli. lol
I havent opted for them this time round.
Good luck with the rest of your journey.
Oh now you are talking. I love the coconut flapjacks. Strange I know but once you get used to the taste...............mmmmmmm.
Did you read my message correctly

I said they were YUK,

MINGING, DISCUSTING ,SWEATY,WET SOCK, GROSS,AWFUL,OMG! the latter are words supplied by my 12 year old. haha
well done on your results so far
:D Hi all
Havn't dropped off the planet, still here and really pleased with the results so far. My taste buds have definetly changed as that CHICKEN SOUP is FABULOUS dont you know!
good to see you about! im thinkin of tryin the chicken you no

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