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  1. JustGemsOfNZ

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    On Monday I began my 5th week of SS. It's now Saturday and I've just realised that I was supposed to be doing the Add-A-Meal week.

    Does anyone have any advice on this week? I am in New Zealand so don't have a counsellor.

    How important is it to do this week? Does anyone know where I can look online to find out what Im supposed to be doing? Is it 2 Cambridge shakes plus a meal or 3 plus a meal?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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  3. JustGemsOfNZ

    JustGemsOfNZ Member

    Hi again everyone!

    I have managed to find some information & it does provide a calorie amount but it's still a wee bit vague. I'm trying to figure out how much does 415 calories of chicken weigh & how many calories in brocoli?

    "Continue to have three Cambridge Diet meals a day and add a daily "green and white" meal (just under 415kcal). "Green" means a portion of leafy greens and vegetables. "White" could be portion of skinless lean chicken breast, grilled fish or cottage cheese".
  4. Elvira

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    There is a thread here somewhere that tells you about 810. We don't do add a meal here anymore. We move up to 810 in week 13. I will try and find the thread. It's 3 shakes plus a green and white meal x

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