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7 week plan in new mag

Anyone else trying it this week? I'm going to give it a go starting today. I'm going to be doing 6 days of the plan as I didn't have the food in to start yesterday.

Have a meal out at Pizza Express on Monday - day before WI!!! :eek: but will try and pick the healthiest option.

Will let everyone know what the 7 day food is like! Some of it looks yummy! If anything, it will get me varying what I'm eating!
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I havent got the mag yet, but this sounds itriguing.
Some of the recipes look pretty good, I like the idea of the pasanda with roasted cauli and broccoli. I've never roasted those before so that sounds interesting.
I haven't had a proper look through it yet but that one did catch my eye.
I've never done the full 7 day plan before but my friend follows them every time a mag comes out and the C was telling us to follow it for good results as it's so simple, right down to cutting the shopping list out and taking it to the supermarket - how easy is that!
Should be out very soon Donnie as it's been available in group since last week. It wasn't in Tesco yesterday but it will be any day now I would think.
there are some lovley recipes in this months, but not loving the eating plan is i'm 100% - maybe i'v just eaten too much stirfry recently and it's put me off LOL

- Anyone else noticed that the girl on the front page was in the top 6 with me at finals... :eek:

... and the unflattering dress she's in?

I'm not bitter, honest!! haha. Shes done fab, esp after doing it through uni aswell. :)


Strutting her stuff
Tesco had the new mag in stock this morning although I didn't get it. Can anyone who hasit give me an idea of the veggie recipes in this issue please so I can decide whether it's worth forking out for :)

I know someone who has done the 7 day plan before and said it was expensive. I can understand how that might be as you're not planning your menu around what's on offer or in your cupboard, potentially have to but lots of new ingredients if yu don't already have them and are not batch cooking or using leftovers during the week as each meal is different.
Hmmm, that's a bit annoying cos no doubt they'll do a page for the winner...
anyway, you did soooooooo well you are still a star chick. x

I'm not 100% sure if she will get a spread, as they get so many applicants for the mag, and as she was the winner she'l be doing all sorts of media for sw, so i don't think they do usually put the winners in the mag? somtimes you get the top target member winner in there ( i think there is one in there this month) but i dont remember YSOTY last year having a spread in the mag?

It would have been nice to be in the mag, but i have all my photos framed from the day, and alot of good memories to make me smile! xx
I'm loving a fair few of the recipes in the mag, will have to make a few changes as I can't do mushrooms or fish. Going to try the roasted cauli and brocolli, if it works it could be a ne addition to most my meals from now on. I would say the magazine is worth every Cent that I paid for it as I'm only in week 3 and struggling for ideas so I will defo be buying every issue, may even ask for nexts as a Christmas present from my dad.
Never thought of following the plan totally but certainly take lots of inspiration from the recipes, since starting slimming world my husband has been amazed at what I've been eating and losing weight, including my bacon sandwich for brekkie yum!

Pizza express do a new range think its called legra? meaning light in italian and they do a pizza which has a hole in the middle and then filled with salad - so you can enjoy without being too naughty :)
Tried the Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Bake recipe from the calendar included with the magazine - it was absolutely delicious!!

(Left out the chilli because one of the people eating it doesn't like it, and the peas because I hate them.)

I am definitely going to try the Butternut Squash Stew on page 25 of the magazine - looks lovely!
Tesco had the new mag in stock this morning although I didn't get it. Can anyone who hasit give me an idea of the veggie recipes in this issue please so I can decide whether it's worth forking out for :)
These are the veggie recipes:

Carrot, kidney bean and orange salad
Boston baked beans brunch
Creamy carbonara (with quorn bacon)
butternut squash stew with couscous
Lots of vegetable side dishes for Xmas lunches
Quorn bolognaise bake
Cauliflower, onion and tomato curry
Easy cheesy potato bake
Mixed bean cassoulet
spinach and nutmeg soup
carrot coriander and lentil soup
italian tomato soup
stuffed tomatoes
spicy veg chilli with guacamole
a load of puddings

Quite a bit really!
Agree that it can be expensive to do 7 day plan. I usually tend to have leftovers for lunch but this week I'll just freeze any leftovers and have it next week or the following week.

I'm stuffed after lunch! Had 2 eggs and toast for breakfast - was supposed to have grapefruit & orange and a yogurt too but didn't have time. Lunch was jacket potato and tuna with carrot sticks and beetroot (I don't do salad) and I should be having a banana but I'm full! Plus you're supposed to eat snacks too!!! I'm doubting a weight loss this week after eating this amount if everyday will be like today!
I've never tried the 7 day plan but think I might this week as my losses havent been great recently. Got my new mag last night, cant wait to curl up with an options and have a read. I'm so sad, I get really excited about planning my meals!! xx
Just got in from Sainsburys and got my copy sat looking at me. Off to have a read and a hot choccy :)

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