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Hi All,

I have only got 7 more weeks until I go on my holidays. I am throwing down the gauntlet and inviting anyone who wants to join me to try to get to goal in 7 weeks!!!! I realise for some that will not be possible so for you I suggest just as much as you can. I am going to be 100% for the 7 weeks and stop this mucking about that I have been doing since last September. Who's with me????:gen157:Hope there's no sharks where I'm going. Lol xx
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I went to Egypt for christmas and went in the sea, if I had watched the shark programme before I went I dont think I would of been that keen.
Im with you Bernice although it certainly wont be to goal, lol. That would involve losing over 7lbs a week so maybe not. Would be nice mind you.

Im not going to be 100% as I do have a few nights out in that time but other than that I am with you all the way. We can do this.
Count me in please Bernice but it wiil not my goal, still got long way to go but if I lose 2 stones by then I will be happy.


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Can I join for the first 5 weeks please, coz my holidays are 6th March and I'm not restarting until 22nd March.
Ok I will join in. I have 12 weeks until I fly to Miami.

I would love to lose at least 2 stone by then or to see any number on the scales that begins with 12 stone something!
Ok ladies let battle commence..............maybe we should come back to this thread daily to let everyone know how we are doing. I will start by saying I had a good day yesterday......no cheats or slip ups so that's day one under my belt. How are you doing??
Ohh I want to join as well please, 7 weeks sounds about right with my hospital appointment. I wanted to be 10st by then. I'm 11.10 now. Im having small loses so I think I should make my target 10st 7.(& secretly hope for 10st lol )
Thanks x
Bernice said:
Welcome Lil I'm sure you will get there. xx
Thanks I am hoping so :)
Well I had a 100% day yesterday. Today isnt going to be coz I have a party tonight and will be having a few drinks but I wont be eating so hopefully wont do too much damage and then back to 100% tomorrow for a couple of weeks until my next night out.
Hi today's going well I've prepared my first mix a mousse in the fridge.
Just need to nail the water now, but it's so cold lol.

Mia my lovely u ok? And everyone else ? X
I have a huge 25 weeks til my hols and hoping to have shifted 6 stone in that time leaving 2 stone to lose when i come home. So to keep me on target i'll say id like to lose 2 stone in the 7 weeks! xx
Hi Girls I am useless:tear_drop:. I have been soooooooo good for quite a few days on the trot and tonight we went to my Daughter's to watch the football. They were all having Indian but I took my shake which I was fully intending on having. Guess what.............I ate curry, poppadoms, rice and other bit's I am such a pleb particularly as I got into ketosis today for the first time in a while. I am so dissappointed in myself :cry:but I will be back on it tomorrow.........promise:rolleyes:!!!!
One more thing you may remember from my previous posts that I do not weigh myself due to being a scalesaholic but I have decided that I am going to weigh myself after our little 7 week stint and post my new stats...............bring it on xx


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ill be part of this from 31st january for 7 weeks
dedicated :)
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Ok peeps as expected this morning ketosis is no more because of my stupid lapse last night but today I have been as good as gold so back on track big time. Where are all of you fellow challengies??? Keep us posted with your progress xxxx

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