790 and K? CDC?


:) Hi guys!

;) I'm currently doing LL, lost 4stone, 1 to go. Been thinking about management and reintroducing food and then I read that CD users can do 790 and still stay in Ketosis whilst eating. This would be ideal! Where I am right now being able to eat and at least mixing/combining it with packs would be ideal AND continuing to lose weight!

:confused: Anyone tell me more about this?

:eek: thanks in advance
Yes you still remain in ketosis on 790, and continue to lose weight as it is still classed as a VLCD. Would make sense to look at the LL management though - follow the programme through :)
Thanks DQ, I know following LL management was my original plan. Just the thought of being able to eat at least something, a piece of chicken/ham/tuna......may get me through. At the moment I'm craving tuna and I'm worried that I may give into that and end up scoffing all sorts. I guess Im feeling a little weak right now....


LL management seems such a long process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats the routine of the 790 programme?
Anyone know?

Thanks in advance:eek:
Diva said:
3 packs
1/2 pint skimmed milk which you can use in tea and coffee
3 tablespoons of salad or vegetables
Minimum 2.25 litres of water (more in this weather!), calorie free and sugar free drinks
A portion of protein

The allowed protein portions are as follows:

250g/8oz plain cottage cheese
325g/11oz reduced fat cottage cheese
175g/60z chicken breast without skin/fat OR turkey breast without skin/fat
275g/10oz white fish fillet eg. cod, haddock, etc
260g canned tuna in water (drained)
190g fresh tuna steak
275g/10oz quorn pieces/tofu

Vegetables include:

lettuce, celery, cucumber, broccoli, courgettes, cauliflower, asparagus, fennel, celeriac, chinese cabbage, pok choi, marrow, cabbage, red radishes, spinach etc.

You can also have fat free dressings and use seasonings, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar...

Knew Diva had written it all out somewhere. I believe you can also now have prawns.:)
On average with my customers still looking at 1stone per month. Some slightly more!

Hopefully Libbie will come on later her losses on 790 have been great.


Surely if you eat a no carb diet you will stay in Ketosis. After doing the atkins before there are loads of foods you can eat. Or is this different somehow :confused:

Is it something to do with all the fat in Atkins foods.

Im wondering because when I got to florida at Xmas would i not be better eating no carb food, than just keeping it low calorie (with a mixture of foods). I know on no carb i will keep in ketosis.

Thanks guys
Hi Nic
Just read this post
As Linda said I did 790 for 6 weeks gone on to 1,00 this week
My loses on 790 were still good 41/4.31/4,1,3,21/4,11/4,
I was pleased with the losses and it was great to have a meal in the evening plus milk in coffee.
Hope this helps