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7lbs down week 1 and a run!!

Ive got through week one and am 7lbs down woohoo! so i decided to try and go for a run (i was a keen runner but havent been for about four months!!) i only ran 2.5 miles and i thought i wa going to pass out! and my teeth really hurt which was weird. Maybe need to start with walks and build up. Anyone else started excersising? and how are you finding it? jen xxx
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Congrats on a great weight loss-that's great.Can't answer about the sore teeth I'm afraid.Never heard of that before.I haven't exercised yet on this, but used to walk 4 miles a night with hubby when I was on LL without any probs.Maybe best to try this and build up....


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Well done Jennymac that is brilliant you are now half a stone lighter :happy096:

As for sore teeth when running i always used to get it in my bottom teeth, quite painful really, no idea why but i put it down to sensitive gums??? As you breath in the cold air hits the gums and all the nerves causing pain, just my excuse anyway x
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Yep I'm a dental nurse and I'd say it was sensitivity from cold air, maybe start using a sens toothpaste and it should get less


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Fantastic jenny, congratulations on a brilliant start. Hope it's OK, I've added your loss onto the weekly thread too, so we can all be motivated by everyone's losses :)


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Well done and it's only week one just think how slim you will be very soon if you carry on like that???? Good luck xx
thank you all for your support, yes it probably in sensitive teeth. I should try sensodine! thanks rachel for adding my loss, i will make sure i do it next time xxx
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Well done..so exciting to hear that the plan works..... I have to say this site is much more inspiring than the actual Exante site...why don't they have you lot on there as the success stories!!!! xxx


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yeah ive started in the gym too lifting weights and abit of cardio


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Well done Jenny.

Shimmy one of the success stories on the Exante site is actually on here. She posts more on the Atkins board now coz she is maintaining using that though.
Jo you truely are the font of all knowledge!!!
I didn't think i was that clueless but this site is a bit baffling to me!!!
Their website is very limited so it's great to see that it works for so many on here xx


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
Yeah the site isnt great by any means. Dont know where we would be without minimins.
Well done on your loss, thats fab!

I would also be lost without the site.....hey if we couldnt come here and unload everything it would be so much harder to stick to i think! x


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Well done!! I read somewhere that you shouldn't do any strenuous exercise your body isn't used to until week 3 to give your body a chance to get used to being in ketosis. I have a dog so I'm walking him regularly, an excuse to get out the house at meal times! I have a crosstrainer I plan to use next week 10 mins a day building up when i have mire strength.

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