88lbs to go. Got to go through it


Evening. I am going crazy trying to remember how to do things on mins with my phone, it's been a while to say the least. Just updated stats and weigh a stone less than last time I was here which is good. What isn't good is that the whole time I've been away I've also been dieting yoyoing between Sw cal counting exante mfp anything and everything but I'm feeling settled fitbitting and mfp'ing at the moment and although I'l always be drawn back to slim world in bored to tears with my group same old same old. As my thread name shows in 88lb away from my personal target in hoping that will get me to a size 14/16 and once there will take stock. Today's been a fab day food wise it's been delish and controlled I'm 500 steps off my 8000 target but going to push for 10000 to sing or step for my supper lol x
Hi Karen - welcome back, and well done on your losses!

Re your SW group, is it the consultant or people you're bored with? is there another group you could go to?