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8th Weigh In!!


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Hi guys,

Once again after a small loss last week, i am ecstatic this week!!!1 I lost 5lb!!! i am sooooo pleased because once again i thought it would be another 3lb. i came back from my Wi with a big daft smile on my face lol. I went to my mums and she said i assume from your face its good news lol.

Thanks again everyone for the support, you are all really really helpful and i don't think i would have got this far without you all.

P.s i've just taken a bite of a flapjack just to try it and i had to run for the bin!! Chocolate all the way xxxxxx:party0019:
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Wow well done Tracey, I seem to be tracing behind you in weight loss. Its such a good feeling when you stand on the scales and you see the numbers reducing every week hope to join in the 12s by next week. Good luck for the upcoming week.
hey tracy!
hooray for you!!
really chuffed for you - you're doing AMAZING!!
sorry you didn't like the flapjack - they are pretty rank!!
i'm guessing that leaves you exactly a stone to go before the big reckie to see whether you have got far enough?!
all the best for another brilliant week!


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Fab result...well done you are really doing fab!


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Sola we seem pretty much at the same stage dont we! You're right i never thought i would learn to love weighing myself lol
Cheers Fran, yep another stone i think! Although its so confusing. The pics i keep looking at are of me looking great at 10 stone! yet i cant imagine being anywhere near that now, i suppose it depends where you lose it from xxx


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Damn right we can hun !! xxx
Yay!!.. Well done Tracey! great loss :D

I dont mind the flapjacks.. hard going at first (dunked in black coffee) but you do get used to them.... eventually ;)


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G: 68kg
well done tracey :) great weight loss ...did you decide how much more you want to lose before you refeed?

h xx
hi tracy,
i was gonna reply straight back but i had to make a 30mile mercy dash to get my boyfriend from the train station due to train delays argh!! - so sorry for delay!!
yeah i know what you mean about the whole where you lose it from thing!
last time i was happy with my weight i was 24 now i'm thirty (in july) and although very luckily i'm losing weight pretty evenly i have noticed that my thighs seems to be slimming down more that usual which is wierd because i've always had disproportionally chunky thighs i think!
so yeah it's gonna be a case of how you feel in the here and now rather than what was! - great that you've got pictures though of a smaller you - i have always shied away from a camera....not anymore lol!
you'll suss yourself out - it's so exciting really coz it really is a NEW you (and me....and all us lipotrimmers) - i think i feel an eeek coming on lol!
Well done Tracy - you are doing so well. You are an inspiration to us! Not long to go now :)


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Tracey, A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS, what a fab weight loss. You are doing so brill hun. Blimey it just feels like yesterday i was saying well done for your last weeks weigh in, dont you think time flys whne we're on lipo? Not like waiting for the conventional weigh in days at scottish slimmers or weight watchers, always dreading the scales! I literally count down the days now!


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me too pineapple i love WI now, strange isnt it!

Harriet i reckon another stone but really not sure, i just cant really lose much more from my face!

Fran you are so right, my thighs are slimmer than they have ever been as ive always been pear shaped, i now have a bit more on my belly and bigger boobs which is a bonus for me lol

Hey i tried an old little black number on last night for my friends 21st on sat.....it fit and even better my mum said definitely wear it as it looked great, she can sometimes be brutely honest so i was impresed!!
Cheers guys xxxxx


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Just noticed your bmi is at healthy range - you lick devil! my pharmacist says i have to stop when my bmi is 25 - thats takes me to 10st 7 lbs for my height, am pretty sure i'd be thin enough then anyways! my ticker is aiming for 11 stone exact but i'll hopefully manage the extra half stone, especially after reading that you seem to bulk up again in refeed!?

Ooh the little black number - how fab - you'll be the belle of the ball xxx


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hey your BMI isnt far behind is it hun?! And a certain somebody is in the 11s :D. I cannot wait to get below 12 that will be fantastic!
It wasnt so long ago i was at the hospital for a General anaesthetic and being told my BMi was a bit too high for GA!!! Ha they should weigh me again lol

I am so pleased for all of us, especially you hun to be honest with the wedding coming up, cant wait for the pics:) xxx


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Oh tracey, what a lovely thing to say! its amazing how we all open up to each other isnt it! Our extended family!! Am chuffed I'm finally in the 11's (and you'll be there soon) but am a miget and only 5ft 4inc so still a bit to go! Boo Hoo! We'll get there tho and thats all that matters xx


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You're right i feel really open to everybody here which is really nice, i never knew my diet would include new people! We will get there hun all of us! Bring on summer!!!! xxx


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Oh I know! For the first time in years I knwo i will deffo be wearing what i want this summer, not hiding lovely vests unders cardigans and secretly sweating away! I'll be wearing summer vests ON THERE OWN for once in my life! I'm so hoping I am able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life in Cyprus in May, but my stomach is taking ages to shift, yeah its going down, but long way to go and to be honest not sure if a stone and half will do it? Oh me, I hope so!

tell you what am really looking forward to as well, having a BBQ. We moved house last May and our garden is a sun trap (when we get the sun in scotland that is) and am so looking forward to having lazy days with the bbq on and having bbq chicken, salad, fruit skewers, just lovely healthy stuff - am lickin my lips here!!XX


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i know i have to up the stomach exercises, but always make an excuse! i work full time and i do acrylic nails on my own 2/3 eves a week. i do plenty walking every day but its not really enough... need a kick up the arse!x


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lol i think this diet is one hell of a kick up the arse hun!! You seem to have it al planned and it sounds great, might be driving up to Scotland for a little BBQ!! I have started my stomach exercises now, i have been doing 50 cruches morning and night. Before i was pregnant i had a very toned belly...bloody kids! I do taebo which is absolutely fantastic for toning up where you need it.

Sure you will have the body for the bikini hun but will we have the confidence thats the thing i think xxx

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