A big thank you guys ...


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daisy know what you mean...this place really does help keep you on track and am so so pleased i stumbled across the site. Keep up the hard work....know it aint easy but we'll be so pleased in long run


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Well done for hanging on in there Daisy. I'm half way through week 4 now and not having any difficulties to talk of. I'm hoping the further we get into this, the easier and easier it will become.

Keep up the hard work and the results will follow. You can do it!


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Hi, I haven't been about much here so I haven't been up to date with your progress but I completely understand what you mean. This forum is priceless isn't it?

I'm so glad you've come out the other side of your bad period -this can be really tough at times but you've now proven you can get thru the hard bits. Yes this forum helps but you are the one doing the hard work so well done you!!



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Well done for making it to week 3!!

Im really glad i found this forum aswell, I think it will prove to be very helpful and very very supportive!!


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Well done Daisy, nice to see you have got over it. We will have obstacles like these on some days, so thank goodness for this forum.

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Well done. Hopefully the majority of the time now will be easier for you.XX