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A confession...


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For those of you that hadn't already guessed i'm just over three months gone. i would tell you the weeks but to be honest i got so excited about the photo from my scan this afternoon i've totally forgotten how many weeks have gone by other than i'm a bit further on than my dates suggest, hee.

i've been lurking and posting and learning a lot, so thank you.

and apologies for not telling everyone. i just really wanted to make sure that things were ok before telling people :)

so happy. can't stop grinning. scan photo is in my albums. it isn't great but you can see a little hand :D

abz xx
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lol can't blame you for being 'careful' it's a stressful time, but HUGE Congratulations! Welcome aboard! :D

Don't forget to add yourself to the 'list'! lol it's a special list indeed. :D


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Ahhh abz, thats fab! Congratulations and I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy hun xxx
ha. i know. and i figured there would be crossover :) but i also figured everyone would be nice enough not to mention it. and given my total lack of brain activity at the moment, i didn't want to have to remember another username!! hee.

abz xx
i think i only have two left to bang together. i am a perfectly useless person at work, i forget sentences half way through, walk into the kitchen and open a cupboard and think 'now what am i here for?' it's a nightmare. and i'm expecting it to get worse!! ha.
ha. that could be true :) i don't know. i'm waiting for something truly disasterous to happen. i mean, i work in IT. one of these days i'm going to accidentally wipe a server or something :S


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What a fabulous news!!! Congratulation sweetie xxx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol Abz at the 'wipe a server'.. I remember a colleague telling me I was 'no longer on his christmas card list' strong words from him.. for rolling my chair back from my desk! He had laid a wire behind it that wasn't secured down..yep it pulled the plug and he hadn't saved his work! Silly sod! lol

How you feeling anyway.. hows the first trimester etc? Come on we've loads to get out of you! lol

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