A couple of CD questions if you don't mind!

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I have a couple of questions to ask if you don't mind!

1. I am starting AAM next week & was wondering a few things; is it 2 or 3oz of chicken & is that cooked or raw?

2. Is there any salad dressing that anyone has used, I know the book says calorie free dressing but which ones have you used?

3. My CDC says she can't get water flavourings in Ireland but I can use a small amount of sugar free cordial- I've checked & they all have citric acid- is there any that I can use?

4. Is low salt marigold boullion ok to use?

5. How many eggs can I have as an alternative to chicken?

6. Can I have the tofu sausages or does it have to be pure tofu?

Thanks everyone!!!:D:D:D
woops i also just started a thread for this lol
I did not think you could have eggs in place of chicken but I am sure somebody can clear that up for you.
The CD book does not mention eggs.
I am not sure about the rest

It always used to be 3oz protein option but this has changed recently so go with the 2oz version.

Kraft low fat dressings cal free are okay but only use a little or fresh herbs.

I don't know why your CDC cannot get the waterflavourings? Do not use low sugar squash it will throw you out of ketosis. You can buy these off Ebay, CDC's are allowed to sell the add on products on Ebay not the diet.

Do not use the veg bouillion, CD do a veg flavour but it is restricted to 1 teaspoon per day.

You can have 1 egg per day instead of your protein option, this is only really allowed for vegetarians to ensure they are getting the right amount of protein.

It has to be pure tofu not the sausages, burgers on any other product.

Think thats it:)