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A couple of questions re. excersise and bars!!


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Hello miniminers :)

I've just got a couple of questions I would love some opinions/advice from.. (I would ask my cdc, but she sort of rushes in a rushes straight back out again when she visits so I haven't had chance:eek: )

Firstly, when I started my diet (CD) I started excersing straight away, just on my excersise bike. I've worked my way up to between 10 - 15 miles a night. My OH has voiced some concerns that I seem very 'sluggish' and wonders if perhaps I'm doing too much? Yesderday I must confess to feeling 'flu like' and OH outright banned me from going on the bike. I thought I should look into this a bit further, so I thought I'd ask you guys!! am I doing too much? (I'm really enjoying my excersise and it's part of my new routine. baby in bed, then I hop on the bike and it's really helping me feel focused.)

Secondly I've got my first cd bars this week! Hurrah, cranberry is lovely!! however, I have read a few posts on here that they can slow weight loss down? I've also read that a few people have just 3 a week? what is the recommendation?

(sorry to be a pain) thank you for reading!!

Roosters! :)
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Hi Roosters

Shame your CDC doesn't give you enough time to ask questions. If you are happy with her otherwise maybe you could phone her if you need to ask questions or ask her when she comes if she has time for ???'s and if she doesn't can she allow more time next week. If you aren't thrilled with her I would look around for someone better as she doesn't seem to be providing you with the help you need.

As for the exercise I understand how you feel. While I was on CD I didn't exercise at all and took it really easy even having the occasional lie down in the afternoon. I was really careful because I am very aware that tiredness is a big reason for me overeating and so was very careful.

However, since finishing CD and moving over to Gi I have taken up exercise and do quite a lot aerobics classes, swimming and 90 minute sessions in the gym. The first couple of weeks at the gym of was on 1400 calories and I was fine in the first week but the second week I was showing symptoms like you I suddenly had less energy and was tired even after a good nights sleep and so I had to increase my calories.

If you are doing really well on CD you don't want to do anything to jeopardise that. I am pleased that your OH is so caring and supportive, he is probably right that the exercise is not wise. I so understand you not wanting to give it up I couldn't now I am enjoying it so much but I was wondering if you could do something less strenuous like getting a pedometer and counting your steps. I have just started a thread to record your steps I love you to join.

If you can't cut back on the exercise it may be worth considering a different diet but as you still have a fair bit of weight to lose I would think that would be a shame.

As for the bars I didn't get on with them, well they didn't get on with me. So I can't really comment. I think the recommendation is no more than one a day. I personally think a few as possible but some people find them a life line as they don't get on the liquid only diet.

Hope some of this ramble may help you some.

Good Luck

Dizzy x

I was told to avoid the gym in the first fortnight as your body gets used to the reduced calories. I go 2-3 times a week now for a workout and/or a swim and i'm fine. If i'm honest, i've got far more energy than I ever had being overweight!

I'm not sure how far in you are so can't really comment, but for me after the first few weeks I was bursting with energy so the gym isnt a problem. I am aware to listen to my body so I don't overdo it.

Re bars, I get 3 a week generally just for a change, no particular reason for 3, just wanted to alternate days. I'm going to try a liquid only week this week though as I seem to be craving more since I had them.
Hi Rooster, I too didn't get on with the bars, Wind!!!, rumbly tummy and more constipated, but lots of people love'em and are fine on them As far as exercise goes, I've never been great with it anyway, but what I have found is that,like yesterday, when I spent the whole day cleaning and running about, In the evening the minute I sat down I felt knackered and ended up going to bed a 9. I think that it definately gives us more energy as we lose more, but I think it makes you more tired at the end of the day (or maybe it's just my age!!LOL)

Hiya Roosters, Ok, exercise, I think the problem here is that you started straight away, both CD and cycling, and your body has thrown a bit of a dicky fit, its telling you that maybe you are doing too much just right now, thats not to say you cant build up to that, just slow down, and then build up, what about 5 miles 2 or 3 times a week, (when you feel better) and then increase it, I think every night is too much for you at the moment. Then see how you feel, also make sure you up the water even more, I did high impact dance, and rollerblading whilst SS, but if i had a week that i was sluggish I rested, listen to your body, if you feel a bit rubbish take it easy.

Bars, well for me they are heaven sent, those and mix a mousse!!! I used them in week 3, all the way till goal, 5 months later and apart from a weekend away when I only lost a lb, lost between 3 and 6 lbs every week without fail.

Trial and error with the bars, I had a peanut one every day, without fail, OMG, frozen and cut up in to 32 pieces, GORGEOUS! and it worked for me, it also stopped me sabbotaging as I had something chewy too, why not try 3 per week, and see if you are ok, then if you want another day with 1 try that, again slowly increase.

Hope I have helped, off to clean the house now!


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Oh no, I just wrote a really long reply and it's disapeared!! the jist was thank you sooo much for advice, I will elaborate later, but I have to go out now!!


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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st13.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st12lb(5.11%)
Thank you so much for your responces to this.. very kind!!

Dizzy - Your 'ramble' was of great help and I thank you for it! I think that your absolutly right ofcourse, and I do need to cut down the excersise. If it came to a choice between CD and excersise then CD would win every time!

I really love your pedometre idea, So I'm going to look into getting one asap and then I'd love to join your thread!

Bendigoblue - I think that 3 a week is a great idea, I'm seriously going to think about doing that to.

Poppa - your just like me, I'm always pooped at 9! there are so many programs that I've only half watched coz they start at 9pm and I have to give up and go to bed by 9.30pm!!

CanIrealydothis - I think your absolutly right, far too much too soon!! I've been totaly ignoring my body telling me it's tired, you know what it's like though, as soon as you get excersising you start to feel good though. so sillllyy!! I'm certainly going to cut down a LOT! and 5 miles seems a really managable amount. I'll start with that and see how I feel.

Thank you for the bar advice also, I'm going to give them a go. my CDC gave me all the flavours to try so I'll see how I get on!

Well I've certaintly got a lot to 'chew' over hehe.. thanks again :)


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Hi Roosters, I do 5-6 nights per week in the gym but only 40 mins cardio and then a bit of weights, somedays im fine others I get a bit light headed so I just do what im comfy with. I know you dont need to exercise much on Cd but if it makes you feel good I dont see the harm, mine gives me a break from hubby and daughter for a few hours, its heaven!! Sarahxx.


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Give them a try, if you don't like them don't get anymore...

Good luck with your journey..


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