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Puddings A different Tiramisu recipe

Please forgive me if this is already up but I did a search and I couldn't find it - just the one with the vanilla pods. Thought I'd share it as it is simply yum.

Tiramisu (10syns whole pud)

8 sponge fingers
very strong coffee (I use 2 heaped tsp in a third of a mug of water)
Splenda (2-3 tblsp)
Tub Quark
Tub Toffee Muller light
11g or one sachet of cadbury's highlights

Using a teaspoon, pour hot coffee over the sponge fingers.
Layer four fingers in a bowl
Mix together rest of ingredients in a bowl and spread half on top of the fingers.
Layer next four fingers on top of the mixture.
Top with the remaining mixture and shake over a little highlights if you have some spare to decorate.
Pop in fridge to cool.

Sometimes I just do the gloopy mixture without the fingers for a choccy pud for just 2 syns. Next time I make it, I'll post a pic for you. It takes about 2 mins to make this up and pop in fridge. Would love to hear if anyone makes this what you think. xx
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Really likes to cook
Pete’s Tiramisu-2

Serves 4


2 Eggs split into yokes & whites (ff)
3 tbsp Sweetener

3 tbsp Instant Coffee in ½ cup of hot water
½ cup of Strong Percolated Coffee

4 tbsp Sainsbury’s natural Normandy fromage frais (ff)
8 Sainsbury’s sponge fingers (8 syns/4=2 syns per person)
11g Options Belgium chocolate (2 syns/4= ½ syns per person)
1tbsp of spirits of your taste (at least 4 syns/4=1 syns per person)


Make the coffee and add 1tbsp sweetener, set aside to cool.
In 4 desert dishes break the biscuits, when the coffee is cold , soak the fingers then break to fit the dish, spoon over to just wet the bottom of the biscuits.
Break and separate the eggs, add the egg yolks, 2 tbsp of sweetener & fromage frais together, mix until smooth.
In a clean glass bowl, whisk the whites until still peaks appear, carefully fold in the fromage frais mix with a metal spoon, making sure that you don’t mix out all the air in it. Add the spirits if required.
Spoon the mix into the desert dishes & place in a fridge for at least 1 hr., remove and share the Options Belgium chocolate over the 4 dishes.

Tiramisu-2 (Small).JPG

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