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A different way to live?

Can anyone help me out here...I have realised how incredibly stuck in my ways I appear to be. I am so used to treating myself at the end of a long hard day with a nice glass of wine and a good meal that I am suddenly at a loss!

Apart from having a hot bath - I'm starting to go crispy dry i've had so many - I can't really think what else to do in the evenings as a reward/treat???????? Bit bored of watching films and definitely too tired to do much after day with young children...cant go out as hub works eves..

Does it sound like I'm moaning - probably...or just drivelling on. But it has become apparent that I have to find a different way to live if I want to keep this weight off when I finish cd!!!!!!!!

Any ideas would be really welcome particularly as that friday feelin' is looming...:wave_cry: I can't keep on stuffing my face can I...
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Oh poor you, it is so hard to break those habits. I was exactly the same, glass of wine or 2 every night and take away at w'ends.

I'm not sure what i did to get over the craving for it all, it just started to become normal and easier. I now know it was all the, 'i deserve a treat', that got me here in the first place. I have had to make myself come to terms with the fact that a treat is NOT every day or even every week but occasionally.
If i can do tfr for all these weeks with not much to eat then i know i can not have wine every day and rubbish every w'end.

IT's how bad do you want to lose and keep off the weight i guess.
I wish i had a magic wand for you(and me) to make it easier but i guess this is where the will power is needed hun.
I find being on here for at least a couple of hours a night really helps the time fly.
Totally agree with the above. Last week I was so bored I got out of my pj's and went for an evening swim but as you say your Hubby works evenings so a no go for you. Minimins is a great support and a good way to pass the time but I still find myself thinking I need to do something otherwise I start thinking about food and it's not because I'm hungry, just boredom. It's a viscious circle and unfortunately it's just a bad habbit that needs to be broken but only happens with time. Good luck hun xx.

OK, Some ideas:

1. Get a book...some really good ones out there, and better yet you could go out tomorrow and buy one.
I recommend the Twilight series or Sookie Stackhouse

2. Puzzles....i LOVE jigsaw puzzles and doesnt the time just fly past!!

3. Get a Wii fit? or something...take up yoga or something (dvd of course since you cant go out in the evenings)

Hope these help and good luck for your journey!
I completely understand where you are coming from,after running round all day I always used to have some vino each night before cd. My husband works away in week,so also like you I am stuck in.
I managed to get out of the habit of drinking when Mr T away no problem,and am still never tempted when he away I am so glad that cd broke my 7 day wine habit.
However I have stayed the same as my pre-xmas weight as I have been choosing to fall off the wagon at weekends,I see Mr T being at home as a treat-pathetic! I have been using the fact that we only have weekends as quality time as an excuse.
When I was 1st on cd I know it's silly,but because I absolutely love x-factor that was my treat at the weekend in an evening and I was quite happy not to drink-I broke the habit although always found weekends hard.
However since having the booze at xmas and feeling sorry for myself all alone in the week I have been 'rewarding' myself with weekend tipple and trips away.
Although I am determined to once again break the habit when I return from my holiday, I plan to get the old wii out again(has been an ornament for many months) and download some tunes(mr T will have to do this for me) to listen to with Mr T when he is home.
I also like drinking lemon and hot water and ginger and hot water,so when I return from my holiday I will raise a mug to breaking the habit.x
This is great advice from everyone, as I have the same mindset as Rainbird too! It is hard to find a distraction sometimes, especially when the nights are dark and cold.
I started manicuring myself, and painting my nails most evenings. Doing something nice for myself is a good distraction, and a great pick-me-up if my day has been stressful. Also, lathering myself up in cocoa butter to help with the saggy skin is a treat as well as neccessity - and if you do it vigorously enough, you burn a few calories too! :)


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Loads of good advice here - going to try a few suggestions as evenings are my downfall too. I've thought about starting a hobby like cardmaking to keep my hands busy. Best of luck.


1. Pampering - full manicure including cuticle removal, file, polish. Facial. New smelly stuff for your bath from Lush - invest in a good skin cream as I found my skin gets dry on CD.

2. Shopping on Ebay - great as you go down the sizes.

3. I knit - but if thats not your thing - as suggested another craft to keep you busy. Or learnng something new like knitting is a really good distraction.

4. On the subject of something new? If you are in Scotland we have something called the ILA Scotland, its a learning grant of up to £200 if you earn less than £18k a year. Check if you have something similar where you are and maybe a collage course one night/half day a week? I learned Indian head massage a few years back, cost me a tenner, and I'm certificated and everything. Copmpletely new skill for 2.5 hours a week and I got a massage every week too!

5. Contact your local beauty college, ask if they do deals where students get to practice on you. Full body massage for about £10, cut and colour about £8. Talk about cheap pampering, and you'll need a haircut as you change shape on CD, show off your lovely bone structure.
Hi All
I love the suggestions about what to do in an evening, I'm finding that a bit of struggle too. I didn't really help myself last night by watching come dine with me ( even though I'd seen that particualr one before) and then carried on the torture by watching Mastechef!!!!
~~~~~~~we can do this~~~~~~~
great advice here,i read books, do jigsaws to (have loads of um)3d ones are best :), been clearing out the cupboards but i have to thank the internet its such a great place xx
When I first started CD last year I knew evenings where going to be a struggle for me. My husband also works away for most of the week and I have a little girl so I am pretty much stuck in the house. So I made a list of all the little things I need to do -things like sorting out my photographs and putting them into albums, clearing out the kitchen cupboards, decorating the spare bedroom, finishing off the scrapbook of my daughter growing up, sorting out all my paperwork etc. All these things were hanging over me but never got a chance just to get on with them - within a few weeks I had ticked off everything on my list. At the moment I am in the process of making my daughter a knitted carebear. Just thought I would share some ideas. I have also bought myself a digital skipping rope so once she's asleep I head off outside and skip in the dark! It makes me so thirsty that I manage to finish off my water for the day alot easier as well. Apparently skipping is really good for firming, toning and working most muscles and approving posture. Plus its really good for legs especially thighs (my problem area) - and since i have taken up skipping my thighs have been decreasing each size week when I get measured so it must be working! Its so quick and easy to do - so maybe an idea for you??!!

Good luck and keep going x x


Or what about a new fitness disc for the Wii if you have one? You could do that? Great for toning!

Or a new fitness DVD? Something different though - my hubs bought me Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease (aye go figure) and its actually still a pretty decent workout.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your ideas, they are really really helpful. I think things can get that you forget to enjoy the simple things in life, often things you used to do when you were younger. I think I like the numbing effect on my emotions of the food and alcohol. but you do end up with a vicious circle - you feel bad because you have eaten too much then don't sleep well, feel tired so you don't exercise, feel flat because you don't sleep well/exercise and then hey presto back to eating and a glass of wine just to feel better for a while.

Obviously on cd the cycle is broken and its now that I need to get some better habits in place ie during the diet so its a normal way to live - not wait until the diet is over and expect everything to be different.

I'm going to list all your suggestions and start to work through them!! OH YES I WILL XX

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