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A downside of losing weight

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Well I've lost a stonne since the beginning of January which I'm really stoked about. I've been watching my BMR and I need to eat less calories now which I'm starting to find a little difficult.

I made a chart of different weights that go with calories for every 5 pounds I lose, and I'm finding it difficult to imagine eating down to 1050 calories a day when I'm eating 1250 a day now which requires a lot of restraint and willpower.

I can't really exercise now cos my ankle's still fragile from the sprain but eventually I'll be able to do some more. So I'll be able to eat a couple hundred more calories a day then, although I'm not sure I'll want to exercise every day.

Has anyone experienced this? Does it get harder eating less calories? How have you coped? Did it feel natural? Did you feel your stomach shrunk?

I'm finding this all a bit daunting :sigh:
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Well done on losing that stone!!!

I'm eating about 1000 a day at the moment - but will go up to 1200 if I'm really still hungry.
I thought I would be hungry all the time eating this few calories but actually if I eat "healthy" foods all day, and don't bump it up with extra carbs/ treats I actually struggle at times to make up the 1000. If you choose carefully 1000 calories can actually be quite a lot.
I tend to do things like half half the portion of pasta - but twice the amount of sauce and veggies. The same with things like wraps, I have half a wrap, but tons of filling.

It works best for me if I eat smaller snack type meals, but more often (depending on what I'm having), but that's more because I can't stand the feeling of being full (read over full!) anymore.

To be honest though, I'm not sticking exactly to what the BMR charts say - If I were you I would stick to 1200 until I stopped losing, then review it - you never know you might not need to have less! Oh and I've been exercising more some weeks than others because of one thing and another, and my bigger losses don't match necessarily match up to the weeks where I've exercised more. Try not to let your foot get to you too much!
I think I'm trying to say - if you're still losing, then don't worry about it, just concentrate on now!
I think it gets a lot easier as your body adjusts to it to be honest. I have been low calorie for quite some time now and have found masses of food that are practically zero calorie that will fill you up and keep you full. Fruits and vegetables are my favourites for this at the moment. Especially apples, I cant go a day without an apple!

Your body adjusts and so does the size of your stomach, to the point where eating too much just becomes uncomfortable as it stretches the stomach.
I've not done calorie countig for a long time, but all I can say is, keep at it, you are doing really well at the moment, a stone since the beginning of Jan is brilliant. If loosing weight was easy, no-one would be over-weight.

Keep it up and good luck
Yeah, well done a stone in 7 weeks is great going!! keep it up:)

As for the calories though it sounds awful hard, you need calories for exercising?
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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Thanks guys. I'm trying not to think about it for now I guess, but it's just readjusting everytime you lose a bit of weight seems a bit discouraging, cos I find like I'm going to bed hungry already and I do monitor everything so carefully, eating less is going to be even harder. Oh well, for now, pushing through and hoping Friday's gonna be good to me again.
Good luck! Sounds like you're on to a winner. :)
Don't get too disheartened Peachy, any weight loss is a good thing. Everyone looses weight at a different rate, so a stone in 7 weeks is really good. You need to keep positive and motivated. I know that's easier said than done, but also try not to think about food so much. Have your set meal times etc and try and stick to that. Maybe that way, you'll be able to think of other stuff instead of food.

Keep going and be positive

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Thanks :) It's definitely difficult to not think of food, but even when I'm not, I find it difficult to plan meals and I'm often actually hungry, like rumbling and all. Oh well, the last couple of days have been a bit better and I tried what Sugar said, to just stick to what's worked until it doesn't anymore. Maybe I'm burning more than I think I am? Oh well. All is well people, thanks for being stellar once again :)
Hi Peachy,

If you're hungry try to make more use of vegetables that are virtually calorie free. Make up into soups that you can fill up on but don't need to count the calories. You've done really well so far and if you're still losing at 1200 cals keep it at that. I wouldn't drop your calories unless you stopped losing completely and then only by 100 to give your body a kickstart again. Keep it up.

Hi Peachy,
pleased you are feeling better. Like tarotwoman says, homemade soups full of veg is a really good way to fill up and not loads of calories.

Keep going it will be worth it.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I've been doing that today, just mountains of veg and I don't feel as frustrated :) I'm actually eating between 1200-1300 and still losing so it's not too bad yet, but still much different to what I used to eat.
Peachy, I wonder if the problem you may have is that you were eating too big a portion. You are now cutting down and your portion size, within a week or so, your body will be used to smaller portions and so you will also feel less hungry. Pleased you've been using up the veg.

Keep going and good luck.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Perhaps that's what it was. I also realised that when I don't have any carbs in my meal, I feel really hungry, I think that might have been the problem. So I'm just having a tiny side of whole grain rice, pasta, couscous or potatoes and it's seems to have fixed it! Christ, I'd never survive on Atkins lol.
I've never had that problem thankfully. With Go Lower, we cut out carbs, and thankfully no side affects. Not sure if i'd cope otherwise.

Keep up the good work. (I had weigh in last night, another 4lbs off, so in 5 weeks, 1st4lbs. Really pleased and feel great)


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Happy- Wow, impressive work! Keep it up. I'm approaching my first 20 pounds off, I can't wait.

I also told my dad about the whole weight loss thing (I hadn't told anyone yet) and he was incredibly happy for me and supportive. He said that he'd reward me with something nice when I reached my goal. He also told me that it showed that I lost weight, and that he could probably learn a thing or two off me (the super healthy muscly gym guy that is). I feel dead proud of myself :D
I like to have a few carbs too - always feel a bit deprived if I have none haha.

hchappyh - I've just commented on your weightloss in the other thread - but well done!

You're right to feel proud of yourself Peachy, you've done amazingly well so far. And that treat's something to look forward to aswell, and how sweet of him!
It must be soooo nice for someone to say they can see you have lost weight too!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yeah it definitely is, especially since I've kept it as my dirty little secret. I'm not officially not fitting into my jeans anymore, they keep slipping off it's really annoying, but in a good way. Will go get a belt this week (hear that Tracey :D).

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