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  1. CJxxx

    CJxxx Full Member

    Hope you don't mind me asking a few questions to get me on the right road.:thinking2:

    As previously mentioned last time I did WW was in 2000 and this time I'm intending on doing it at home (thanx to money being a bit tight!) So although I have lots of 'old' books there are a few things I can't find/remember.

    So here goes:
    - Is it better to drink decaff tea and coffee :coffee:- and what are the points on both (with semi skimmed)

    - How many glasses of water should you drink? And is it ok to add a little sugar free squash?

    - What's the best spray oil to buy (I normally cook with olive oil)

    - Does it matter how late you eat in the evening - we normally start dinner at 8pm

    - I've been told before to start the day with a drink of boiled water and lemon - it is worth doing?

    Think that's it for now :clap:- I'm sure I will come across a ton of other Q's in time!!

    Thank Q
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    You ask away ;) Between us all we can usually answer most questions.
  4. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Hot water and lemon is a great way to detox your liver, I'm a big fan.

    Frylight is the best cooking spray - they do an olive oil one.
  5. CJxxx

    CJxxx Full Member

    Thank you! Just popping out to Tesco and will grab some of the Spray Oil - and shall keep my coffee full of caffine (thank godness as need a kick start in the morning!)

    I'm also now on the hunt for Filo pastry so I can make some Spring Rolls - my local Tesco doesn't stock it (grrrrrr) so going to have to go further a field.

    Anyway thanx for your replies


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