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I've done CD previously with some success and would like to restart for one last time. I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions please.

I've had a couple of CDC's - none of which have been anything to write home about. I would like to restart with a brand new CDC and the only other CDC in my area is a man (I'm female by the way). I don't mean to be sexist but I'm not sure how I feel about getting weighed and measured by a man and talking about TOTM etc!?!?!? I'm sure I'm just being silly but would appreciate any advice.

Secondly, I have 15 weeks to till I go on holiday, how much have others on CD lost in 15 weeks? I know everyone is different but some info would be appreciated. :confused:

Thanks everyone
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Mils, the only thing i can say about the CDC you have mentioned above is give him a go. You've nothing to lose and you may find you click and there are no issues but you wont know til you try!
Haven't lasted 15 weeks on CD yet but i have lost 13 pounds since the beginning of the month and had last weekend off the diet.
Best of luck to you x


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Hi Mils, agree with the others give him a go what have you got to lose (except lbs of course..ha ha) was there naything particularly wrong about your previous CDC's? My CDC has never measured me i have always done that myself anyway and if he's been a counsellor for a while i should hope he's very aware of women's issues whilst losing weight.

I did SS for 10 weeks and lost 2st 6lbs in that time, the average is 14lbs a month or more.

Good luck with whatever you decide!



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When I wason cd my cdc was male he was lovely , I measured my self infront of him each week he just did my arms for me, give him ago you might like him.lol.


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I have got a male CDC ,and he has never suggested I be measured, I just jump on the scales and he goes home. I call it my meals on wheels man!!

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my CDC's are a husband and wife combo, first week it was the woman, next week it was the man... it's how they work apparently. He never measured me this week but apparently he has this thing that he can measure without touching you, which i was dying to see but when i asked if i should be measured, he said, no, he measures every few weeks so losses are more to see..... i would have been curious to know but hey ho.

When you call up to arrange the appointment, see how chatty he seems and if he's responsive to any questions you might have(even make some basic ones up to draw out the phonecall).... i found the Mr of my CDC's to be a real blether so warmed to him...

Good luck, let us know what you decide...


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It is funny, I'm not sure I would like a man measuring me...... or weighing me.

People loses seem to be very different, I think alot depends on the person and if they do it 100%, drink the water, etc etc etc...... But my CDC said the it seems to be that if you are on the diet for say 3 months you can lose 4 stone, 4 months you lose 5 stone... only on average and what her findings were. On average.... and of course everyone is different.


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(That of course is if you over weight to start with.... would be no good losing lots if you are only just a little over weight.....)
Sounds like I talking rubbish, so I guess it is time to gooooo.....


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Hiya hun, I felt exactly the same as yourself when I found out my cdc was a man as well. I started to panick and think he is not going to be able to talk about anything private with me so I didnt know how I was going to get across this one but as he was the nearest one to me I thought I will have to give him a go. I have to say he proved me so wrong and the meeting when great, done all the measurements but to be honest he made everything at ease. Its just like going to your doctor when there isnt a female one around and explaining personal things to him. Get that thought into your head and ya will be alrite, if he is any good at his job he will make your journey easy and overcome any obstacles such as this to make it easier for yourself, gud luck and let me know how ya get on, take care


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Go for it you'll be fine. I lost 3st 3lb in 12wks and my hubby lost 7st in 17wks so you can loose loads if you focus and go for it.


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thanks everyone for your replies, think I'll bite the bullet and give him a call - what's the worst that could happen????