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A free-for-all Christmas prep diary, all food and non-food musings welcome!



** Chief WITCH **

All my Christmas cards are written, labelled, sealed, and stamped.

I've a few "extras" for various people for Christmas but have bought none of the main presents, and am pretty clueless too...

Strangely enough I have organised my other half's gifts to my family, and they just need wrapping... I know I should probably do an "and R" on the end of my label, but I hate it when others do that to me! haaaa!

On the food front, the other half made the Christmas cake <round of applause> and has eaten three quarters of it. As it was his first, copied to the letter from Nigella's Christmas book, he thought it should be tasted. So another will be produced mid-December.

That's about it for now...

Despite being a HUGE Christmas fan, given that we'll be in one place 4th and 18th weekends, and another the 11th and all weekdays, and a third still for Christmas and NY, we've decided to give decorations a miss this year... Too much of a faff getting them out and putting them up, if no one's gonna see them! Not even us hardly!

We could perhaps find some Dukan friendly recipes... I have a link here for festive cooking Dukan style.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks Laura!!

Well I'm half-way there and I don't let Christmas put me under any pressure. We've got an easy-going routine, and the relatives that visit are happy to muck in and don't expect to be waited on hand and foot. In the past years I've always over-shopped on biscuits etc that lasted us into Jan and Feb so this year I will try to be more careful!

My present shopping is nearly complete, including DH family, except the hard-to-buy men. Presents for DH I have nearly sorted now as well - his birthday is on the 24th to make life that bit more challenging!!
I have even bought some presents for myself from long-distance relations, as usual...
I have done nearly all my shopping online, a lot on amazon but the best site for unique quality gifts for special people is
Gift Ideas, Unique Gifts and Personalised Gifts | notonthehighstreet.com
I wish I had know about it last year when shopping for DH 40th birthday!

I also picked a few small things up in my lunch hour in town.
As I said earlier I made chutneys and jams and lots of people are getting some... I also put together 4 jars of 'Christmas Muffin mix', where the recipient just has to add eggs and butter and make them. they looked and smelled gorgeous, and I had space to put paper muffin cases in the top of the jar (after sealing the ingredients off with a layer of aluminium foil)
Christmas muffin mix recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

No wrapping done yet except those I was sending on with my parents last week.

Cards are bought, but thats' all. Plenty of wrapping paper left over and recycled from last year.

Food planned in outline (like: I need to get an affordable goose before it's too late! And I've bought some Christmas goodies). Baking for presents planned in outline, I think I need to get more ingredients.
I am making (mostly to give away)
cinnamon and raisin biscuits (refrigerator biscuits you slice and bake)
chocolate almond and apricot biscuits (-"-)
nutty vanilla biscuits (with a biscuit press)
lebkuchen (first attempt this year! with the kids)
decorated shortbread (with the kids!)
Cinnamon Stars (my favourite, more labour-intensive but worth it)

Advent calendars: sweeties are ready bought, just need to be inserted/tied on now.

Annual Christmas food shopping trip to LIDL planned for the end of the week....

I think that's enough from me for now!! Next time I'll tell you about the mix of German and English (British!) traditions at our house!
On the food front, the other half made the Christmas cake <round of applause> and has eaten three quarters of it
GREAT!! i cant stand the stuff myself unless its with a slab of cheese :)

ive done all my shopping, not sure when tree coming down but will, as ever, be covered in dachshunds (not real ones mind ;) )

Food this year will be courtesy of morrisons or the like. Small turkey crown and pre prepared veg (whats the point when only cooking for 2?) and plenty of alcohol and cheese (as if my fridge isnt already full of cheese!).
omg young lady I will come back to my xmas thoughts !!!! but well all the grief you gave me over the other place for wanting xmas in nov lmao !!!!!!!
omg young lady I will come back to my xmas thoughts !!!! but well all the grief you gave me over the other place for wanting xmas in nov lmao !!!!!!!
Haha, it was October, not November!

After Hallowe'en I start thinking about it, vaguely. By mid-November, I need to pull finger out before all popular toys are sold out. If it's not sorted by end November, I'll be panicking!

But yes, I'm definitely more bah humbug than most!
Ooh I'm loving this thread after only just discovering it!

Wow Anja...your preparations and in particular the thought put into the fridge biscuits and muffin mixes to give away!....gobsmacked :)....great "food" for thought :) x
ooh you ladies are so organised. I have one present for my nephew, a couple of things for my kids from santa(literally a couple) and I got them a bouncy castle water slide. I havent even got my daughters birthday organised which is three weeks away. I guess i best be pulling my finger out. And i want a new tree this year.


** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to read... particularly Anja! I do love hearing what everyone's up to...

Vicky - please bookmark this for Cheryl. She had some fabulous ideas months ago, and I wonder how she's getting on with her plans now that she's back at work... send her over here to regale us with her ideas!


Loves this site!
Ladies never fear your christmas fairy is here! Lol
So my cards are all done just need stamps and posting. Tree is ready for 1st Dec (yep thats right we start early for Oliver pmsl.....its me really) All the recipes ready to go. This year people are having apple and cranberry chutney, red onion marmalade, baileys and white chocolate fudge and homemade chocolates!
Turkey is ordered, will cheat and buy Delias cake in a bag from waitrose so oliver can make it and then not much left to do.
I have my books and bits here so if i can help spread the xmas magic just ask.
And for those that dont like it BAH HUMBUG!!!!
oohh I love christmas, I have bought Emmas cards for school, will get some for boys soon, they only had glittery girly ones when I got Emmas.
I have sleeping beauty perfume for her so far and her stocking fillers. I have the boys Ps3 so thats them sorted, But they do need a few things so will wrap them up and give as gifts lol. Clothes mainly and I said I would get them both an electric blanket, we have a tesco value one which is great so will get them one each. plus I have their stocking fillers too.

As for food, we will have turkey as always. I have made my cake, its smelling amazing its having a good old soak in whiskey.
I make lots of pressies too, and have chutneys and jams at the ready, just waiting on nice fabric to tie on the tops, will also make truffles, tablet and florentines, and stick soap in the baskets as well, but that is all on a list in my head, soon to be transferred to paper

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