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A friend commented today...

One of my friends commented today that I look like I've lost weight in my face...YAYYY!!
I've only lost 8lbs but I'm guessing it must be showing as my friend doesn't know how much I've lost and isn't the type to shower compliments if they're false ones (trust me...I've heard her brutal honesty with others).
Yesterday was the first time I'd noticed a difference, as my thick...non stretchy...unflattering uniforms had room in them and didn't feel tight when I sat down. WAHEY!
Anyway...I thought I'd share my little moment of enjoyment with you all as selfish as it may be! haha.
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Good for you!! I bet that really lifted you and made you wanna stick to the diet more?? There's nothing better than receiving compliments from the people you least expect... :D Keep up the good work! x
Thankyou so much! :D
Honestly...it made my day when she said that! I was a bit down this morning as it was my weigh in and had only lost a pound (better than nothing though) and had a crappy exam to contend with and her comment really boosted me!! :) xxx
That's fantastic. It's brilliant when people notice - such a motivator.


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It's brilliant to get those kinds of compliments. It makes all the hard work seem worth while when people notice.
That's brilliant! Makes you feel fantastic to get such comments doesn't it.


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well done, it's great when people start to notice, I can't wait until people notice it with me.


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thats fantastic well done on the loss and wey hey to the friend for noticing
Hiya, i.ve just found some unopened tins of slimfast in my cupboard dated july 2007!!!!!! Do you think it is too old to eat. It smells and looks ok. Thanks spanisheyes:)


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Hiya, i.ve just found some unopened tins of slimfast in my cupboard dated july 2007!!!!!! Do you think it is too old to eat. It smells and looks ok. Thanks spanisheyes:)
I personally wouldn't eat it if it's out of date.


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I love the little comments, I don't think 'non dieters' know how much it means to us to hear that theye noticed our hard work paying off!! I always make a comment of mentioning it if I notice it in others!!

As for the gone off SF. I'd go for it!! As long as your milks fresh I do t reckon it'll make much difference, mix it up, check it looks right (consistency, colour etc) give it a little sip and as long as it tastes ok you should be fine. If it's not you'll know within an hour or two, so the most you'll drink of it is one portion. What's the worst that could happen? Popping tummy and a short bout of the squits!! Par for the course on this bloody diet anyway!!

But then again, I'm awful for eating out of date stuff!! The fatty in me hates seeing calories go to waste!!

:) Rhi :)
Thats fab - positive comments are always good for a morale boost x
Aww thanks everyone!! :) I was BEAMING all day...despite the torrential rain and post exam blues. It'll be great when I've lost a bit more and I see someone I haven't seen for ages...that's the test! :)
I hope everyone else gets nice comments in the near future! It's a real boost!!

Out of date powder : I agree with RhiBro...the only thing I refuse to eat out of date is dairy...but dried or powdered stuff shouldn't be a problem unless its noticeably inedible!

Chelle xxx
Congrats on your loss! That's brilliant that people are noticing, bet it gives you a real boost :D
I've lost 8lb too, but no one has noticed as of yet! Probably because I have to wear a unflattering uniform too :D I seem to be losing it all from my legs, though, thats the only place I've really noticed so far! :S
Thats great! when hit a stone i got a comment of a work mate and another friend, and i didnt tell anyone i was on a diet :D

makes you feel good and gives motivation!
alphashallows, i hadn't and still haven't really noticed it myself and sadly I've only had the one comment. I tend to wear loose clothing or dresses with leggings to hide my tummy or my big tent of a uniform so i doubt people will start noticing properly until i come down a dress size.
i lost weight a few years ago and the first place the weight fell off was my bloody fingers!! not helpful in the grand scheme of things! :)
keep up the good work and I'm sure it'll start showing properly for us both soon!!

PS. just been reading about vibration plates on another thread. has anyone got any opinions about them? I have used them before in the gym but only say once a week and I wasnt weighing myself so wasn't aware if they were working or not. i'm really interested in buying one seeing as my entire household are on diets and think it may boost our weight losses...thoughts??! xx
i have a vibration machine and i wouldnt be without it. i love it :D
only supposed to use it for 10 minutes a day some machine are 12 minutes. my one is from argos £99. it has a few bad reviews but i cant fault my machine at all! :D
that's the one i'm looking at getting too!! :) i just think if it can give me an extra boost then its worth it and i'd rather fork out £99 and get the use of it than have to venture out to the local sunbed shop where they have one for £8 a session. just waiting to see if mother dearest will go halves with me to save us a few bob! :) thanks F&F!! Much appreciated!!! :) xxx

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