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a half a stone at a time!

I originally posted in this thread last week, but my post has dissappeared for some reason so I'll try again!
In total I have about 5 stone to lose, realistically I want to lost 4, but in the short term I'm just aiming for a half stone at a time. It was my first weigh in on tuesday gone, and I lost 6 lb which i was over the moon about so only 1 lb to go till my first target.
Would anybody like to buddy up? I weigh in on a Tuesday. I live in Newcastle but it really doesnt matter where my buddy is from as long as your there for mutual support.
(i'm 34) thanks, Mand x
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Hello Amanda!

Hi Amanda, found it quite spooky reading your post as I too would like to lose 5 stone, aiming for 7lbs goals and weigh on a Tuesday. I have currently been on sw for 2 weeks and have already lost 6lb, cranking up the exercise this week as I would like a bigger loss next week. :D I'm 35 and from Grimsby. Thanks Donna x
hiya Donna, thanks for replying. it does look like our plans are spookily similar! How are you doing so far? I lost 6, then 3, then 3! Over the moon, just waiting for the losses to go down, I know I wont be losing 3lb a week for much longer
Hi Amanda, good to hear from you. It sounds like you've taken to sw like a fish to water! You're doing brilliantly, I've only managed a 2lb loss this week- think this may be down to the red wine I had last week. I'm swapping over to gin and tonic to see if this affects my weight loss, as I have been good foodwise! I'm having green days during the week and red at the weekends. What days do you prefer? Well keep up the good work missus, well done you:-D
I do extra easy, its just the easiest option. I desperately want another 2 this week, but think that because i want it i wont get it - every other week i've not had an aim so thats just karma isnt it!
Can I join you?

Hi folks,

I would like to join you if that's ok and i'm not to late!!!

I'm 35 and would like to lose between 4 - 5 stone by my 5th wedding anniversary which is on 15/12/11, going for 7lb goals at a time seems like a great idea, the thought of 5 stone just seems an impossible task at the moment, so a bit at a time would be fab.

I'm in spain but from edinburgh, no classes over here but got the books still from a class I used to go to back home, just weighing myself at home.

Hope i'm not too late in joining your wee group.

Hi Claire, it's nice of you to join us, the more the merrier. I myself don't go to a class either but weigh myself each week. I buy the magazines and have a few sw cookery books that keep me up to date with new recipes. I'm not a big fan of ee and prefer the red and green days, however the first few losses haven't been as good as I expected. Looking forward to our weekly weigh in and seeing us all achieve our goals. I have just booked my summer holiday to Spain, so another incentive to lose the weight. Fingers crossed for Tuesday. X
hiyah Linton, Welcome! Well I have to say I just had a bid sandwich and a bag of crisps. dont know whats came over me, but I've been really good for 4 weeks, and I'm not well!! Hopefully thats the bad foods out of my system now!!
Morning Ladies, well I seriously need to rethink my plan as only a 1lb loss this week. I'm thinking of trying a few more red days, to see if this boosts my weight loss at all. Hope you've both done better than me. Keep up the good work girls:-D
It's better off than on ;);)

What do you usually do? I started on saturday and just done EE, do you think it's better to mix it up a bit? Just found EE well easy lol!!!

Keep it up, I know it can be disheartening but you will get there!!!

Claire x
I keep telling myself that too! Really can't get my head around ee, so just stick to green on week days and red at the weekend. Going to increase my red days this week though, to see if there is any improvement. At least I've got January out of the way, always the worse month of the year for me.
Hi all can I join in? I too have a goal of 5stone to lose! I'l be happy if I can get 4.5 off me but I really would love 5 off in total... I started the end of October doin extra easy which I am findin fine, wasn't aware that u cud mix up the plans If u wanted to! Didn't stick properly over Xmas but had wi last night and have 15.5 off now in total but it's been alot of .5 off or 1lbs off to get there! Still another 4 stone too go!! I'm wondering if mixing my days up might help me lose more each week?!

Well done gettin your 1st stone off, must feel great....can't wait until i've started losing (on week 1) so out off breath even walking up a hill, just had major surgery in september and put on 2 stone since then, went for it over christmas as well and to be honest I think the fact that I wasn't allowed to do any exercise has been an excuse for overeating, sitting about bored, not working etc....felling sorry for myself so just eat lol!! Anyway had all clear to go back to normal activites and start back at work in next couple of weeks so ready to go for it!!
Not sure if your better doing a mix, i've been sticking to extra easy as well, find it good. May be worth giving it a try and let us know how you get on with!
Keep up the good work!!
Claire x
Well I put a pound on this week, but as they used to say at WW its my 'star week' and i had a couple of days of self sabotage, so not too bad. back on track now. I prefer extra easy. the whole reason why i prefer SW to others, eg WW is because i dont really have to think about what i'm eating. i think red and green days would just be harder work. plus apart from this week extra easy is working good for me. I suppose thats the main thing, if it works for you, then stick to it!
Claire I know how u feel had surgery a year ago and altoough j had already lost 2stone simply through being that sick I wasn't able to eat wen I was in recovery that weight plus another stone went on me simply by not bein able to do much!! I'm not the best person for exercise as it is, but have to start! If anything just sk my dog stops makin me feel guilty for not takjn him for a walk!!!

Hope ur feelin better and good luck on this mad journey
Well done on such a great start!! I have Monday wi and tbh honest am dreading it!! Have had my totm for the past 2.5 weeks, had the wk from hell at work but now have a bad cold on top of that so massively feelin sorry for myself!! between strepsils and cough mixture I'm sure to have put sumthing on this week not helped by the mcdonalds bought on d way home from work last night!!!!

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