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A month and a decision

Well, it has almost been a month since I started LT. WI number 4 is in a couple of days - I actually look forward to my shakes now :) apart from the Chicken soup :jelous:
I have decided that I will go on refeed after this WI, by that time I should only have around 1 stone to lose which should be achievable on Main plan. My main reasons are:
1) I am still getting the burning sensation in my chest although it is not as bad as it was a week ago - to me that is saying that my body isn't 100% normal and I don't want to risk my health.
2) I have signed up with a personal trainer who will be kicking my butt into shape, he did say the TFR is a good kick start but if I am to go into full exercise mode, I will need fuel - he will be helping me with my diet too.
3) I now know that I dont have to snack during the day and can still survive ;) I think the past 4 weeks I have learned a lot and hopefully I will be good during refeed and Maint and will continue to post my weekly updates
Do you think I am doing the right thing? I am a little worried about eating after so long but this time I am ready to be healthy :D
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rainbow brite

You sound very positive about the whole thing hun so I see no real reason why you shouldn't succeed in your plan. I wish you the very best of luck with whatever you decide to do! x
Personally hun, I think you should continue with TFR, from my experience on here losing the extra weight on refeed/maintenance is not as easy as it sounds with many LTers opting to go back on TFR to lose the last bit. You have done a month, you can easily do another. Good luck with your decision.xx


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Congrats on the weight u have lost so far. I wouldn't advise u rely on the maintenance plan to loose the weight cause its a lot slower, but as u have a personal trainer ... well thats a different story. I would go with what they say. The best of luck whatever u decide
I dont mind the weight loss being slow as It will help with the re-education of food too :) ooooh I dont know what to do for the best :(


Mad as a Hatter
Only you can make the decision as to what to do, but I would personally continue on TFR until you get to where you want to be.. if your loss starts to slow down, you might not be as motivated to continue.. Just my opinion !


Says it as it is!!!
Yeah, i am with thistime08... i would personally stick to TRF.... and get to goal.. you can still exercise on TFR ... i have, and a lot of other memebers have hammered to exercise whilst being on LT!
Good luck with what you decide x


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It really is up to you hun all we can do is offer you a little thought or 2,if YOU feel it's best to come of it then i wish you all the luck and love in the world hunny,you have done really well in a month and i'm sure you can continue to do it whateber route you decide to take x x

kelly x
Ultimately the decision has to be yours but it is worth remembering those who have returned to tfr after maintenance because they weren't able to shift the final pounds.

I originally saw LT as a quick start to weightloss but now I have decided I want to stay on until I get to my goal - maybe even with a buffer zone.

As I said - it must be your decision. How about you stay on LT, try with the personal trainer and see how you cope with the training? If you feel you need more energy then you can refeed.

Sorry, that's the best advice I can offer.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.


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