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A new way of thinking....

Hi guys, got an article fromsome1 on self-acceptance and self-esteem. The ideas can be pplied to anything but I have applied it to my feelings about being overweight and losing wt and thought I would share them with you....

1. If you're like me and you feel awful being overwt and it kind of stops you doing things you love, think of this. If you bought a beautiful patchwork quilt, full of intricate detail but it had one small flaw (such as a loose thread) would you render the whole quilt useless??? Of course you wouldn't. You would easily see past such a sml flaw because of the rest of the great qualities of the quilt. Why then when we are overwt do we not look past this small flaw (which lets face it can be changed) and look at all the great qualities we have and not let it rule whether or not we go out or how we feel etc

2. Human beings have double standards. We treat our best friends with a much more understanding and sympathetic view than we do ourselves. Imagine your best friend was in your shoes and had wt to lose. Wouldn't you admit they had some wt to lose but also point out that this doesn't detratct from their great sense of humour, or lovely face, and point out all the great things about that person? Why then do we not do this to ourselves?

3. There are 2 types of people. Those with high frustration tolerance (HFT) or low frustration tolerance (LFT). Those with LFT will never change as they are unwilling to endure short-term hardship to achieve long-term happiness. Those with HFT, on the other hand will think ok, I am willing to put up with TFR or another diet plan, I know it will be hard but the rewards will be great. Picture yourself slim, feeling confident, isn't anything worth that???

Guys, I really hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. Let me know whta you all think xxx
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This is the last time!!
Totally makes sense. Thanks for sharing x

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