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A Newlywed's Weight Loss Journey

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by FeatherWeight, 24 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    I have had a few false starts, and diaries before but I thought I would start afresh and put a line under it!

    So hello I'm Featherweight ( or Cat) I am 22 and have been married for 16 days! I got married at 15 stone 10 pounds, after losing 1 stone 13 pounds on slimming world! I didn't start Slimming world for the wedding, I started purely for me. There is no end in sight, just a life plan in place. I kind of like it this way - I'm not thinking oh when I reach XX I can eat whatever I like; I am retraining my self if you will!

    Wedding Day.jpg This is me and my wonderful Husband on our Wedding day (7/2/2014).

    I started SW on December 2 weighing in at 17 stone and 9 pounds. My losses have been as follows:
    Start (2/12) - 17st 9lbs
    Week 1 (9/13) - 7.5lbs
    Week 2 (16/12) - 0.5lb
    Week 3 (23/12) - STS
    Week 4 (30/12) - 6lbs
    Week 5 (6/1) - 4lbs
    Week 6 (13/1) - 2.5lbs
    Week 7 (20/1)- STS Hen Weekend Away!
    Week 8 (27/1) -4lbs
    Week 9 (3/2) -2.5lbs
    Week 10 (10/2) - Honeymoon :)
    Week 11 (17/2) - STS

    I am really happy with my progress so far! I have some how managed to lose or maintain the whole way through - even over Christmas, New Year, my Hen Weekend Away, and most importantly my Wedding and Honeymoon!

    I feel like I am making progress this time! This is not my first foray into Slimming World, but I got up the courage to join a group this time. I feel like the moral support and accountability is working for me. Also I never weigh at home now, which is really helping my mental health as I would obsess over the numbers. I think this is the longest I have stayed on Slimming World, and to be honest I think my head is in the right place now.

    Oh and exciting news - my Husband has joined as well :D. It is currently his first week and he is trying really hard. It will make life so much easier when I don't have to watch him munch away. I do feel for him though as he is a chef, and needs to taste some of the food he cooks so syn keeping will be hard for him.

    I plan on keeping account of life in general in this diary as well as my food intake and syns. I weigh in on a Tuesday night and always stay for IMAGE therapy.

    My next goal is my 2 stone sticker, which is only a pound away! My ultimate goal just now is to hit 9 stone 7lbs - which is another 6 stone 3lbs to get to . I would love to get there in a year, but that may be too ambitious so I am more than happy to take each day as it comes!

    I will do my best to post daily and keep myself motivated for the whole journey!
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  3. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi and welcome and congratulations - what a lovely intro and ur photo is fab! U've done really well - with all those exciting things going on - and no gain in sight - brilliant!!

    With ur hubby being a chef he'll be able to be v creative with the SW plan - no boring ham salads for u! Good luck with ur weight loss and I've subscribed so I can hear how things go for u.
  4. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    congratulations on your wedding! aw love a good wedding!

    Well done to you and your hubby doing your journey together, it helps when they follow the plan too!

    Look forward to seeing your pounds melting off :) good luck
  5. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Thank you for your lovely comments I am really glad Hubby has joined, and he is definately getting creative as you will see below. I am a bit nervous that I haven't gained yet, as it it making me all the more scared about falling off the wagon if that makes any sense?

    So today has been a lazy day for the most part! A true duvet day. I have pottered about on here and in the house, organising my filofax and doing some of my ECDL training course. I really love a bit of stationary so me, my filofax, stickers and washi tape make for a good time.

    My hubby took some unwanted games and DVDs to the entertainment exchange and in return we got over £60 in voucher form. We are now the proud owners of The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1-6 , Wolverine, and Red 2. We are about to snuggle down for some Big Bang after I finish this!

    Food wise the day has been interesting! We discovered a new Frylight in Barbecue flavour - it is awesome. Hubby made our tea and got a touch too friendly with the Tabasco sauce HAHA mouth on fire was an understatement.

    So with that in mind - Red day :)
    Toffee Mullerlight
    1 Weetabix (half HexB)
    1 Chocolate and Fudge Hifi Light Bar (half HexB)
    1 Banana

    Lunch - made my taste buds do a happy dance
    Stuffed pepper ( quark and 40g light Cheddar (HexA) )
    Onions (Done on the grill with BBQ frylight)

    Supper - made my taste buds scream for help lol
    Carrots (done in an actifry with (too much)Tabasco)
    Wedges (same as carrots lol) (Hexb)
    Morrisons Fresh Ideas Salt and Pepper Chicken (5 syns)
    Quark (now known as the saviour of my taste buds)

    3 babybel lights. (Hexa)

    Syns for Today - 5.
    Weekly Syns - 39. May need to embrace the syns a bit more ....

    So the food today was fun. I got both yummy, and far too spicy. In Hubby's defence I love spice, and I usually heap it into everything I can, but the actifry enabled the Tabasco a little too much and well lets just say I am still having trouble tasting. The BBQ Frylight is amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone - free of course but makes everything taste that little bit more naughty.

    So tomorrow is weigh in and I am really hoping for at least 1lb loss! Especially as I have been helping hubby, it would make me look like a twit if I am telling him what to do if I can't even loss or if I even gain! I feel like I have either gained or maintained, although food wise there is no reason! Gah I can't stress myself any longer about it - I will check in tomorrow night with the weigh in results.
    Last edited: 25 February 2014
  6. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Congratulations on getting married- pic is fab! Lovely that you're both doing the sw journey together!! Good luck for weigh in tomorrow- hope you get your shiny sticker!!

    Ps. Food for today looks yum- don't know if you've forgotten to syn your babybels (not that it matters too much as you've got loads left!)
  7. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Thank you! We are both giving it a good old shot! I really want the sticker, I love stickers like a big kid and it makes me feel a touch obsessed haha.

    I forgot to put them down as a Healthy extra; as I am doing Red days mostly, I get two HexA and two HexB. Thanks for querying because I do stuff like that a lot - I can be a bit of a ditz.
  8. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    Hope weigh in went well!! I used to love getting stickers- it's great when the back of your book is covered in them!!
    I rarely get them these days as I lose very slowly as I'm nearly at target so my excitement comes in the form of eating a rocky road hi fi bar at class instead if I lose! Haha!! Xx
  9. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    Subscribing. Congratulations on your wedding. Beautiful picture x
  10. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Thank you all for your kind comments and the subscriptions! Ooh I love a good rocky road hifi ...

    So weigh in went well and I lost 3lbs :bliss:.
    Yay a new sticker and under a BMI of 40! Both goals met, and I am so chuffed. Also I do believe I am one third the way to target, which seems a touch more manageable now I am getting closer (slowly).

    Today has been not the best. I have been in a lot of pain, but I did get to see my Grandparents, and that was lovely. I am still moving heaps of things into the new house so life is a bit chaotic. To be honest if I never had to pack or unpack anything in my life again I would be a happy woman. Never the less I have struggled through the day, and even found time and energy to paint my nails! Can't be all bad if I can get some beauty therapy in. In honesty I am terrible at painting my nail, but they looked really scabby!

    Food wise - has been okay! Never have much before weigh in, it is just a habit I have developed, which is silly but oh well. I always have a treat night after weigh in consisting of a Chinese. So my food is random and not the healthiest but oh well.

    Mullerlight Mandarin

    Mullerlight Cherry

    Ribs (8.5)
    Chicken with Mushroom (5.5)

    2 x Alpen Light (HexB)
    Cheese Toastie (2 Slices 400g Wholemeal loaf (Hexb), 80g Catherdral City Light (Hexa X 2)

    Daily Syns - 14
    Weekly Syns - 53/105

    So there we have it - a painful day with a visit to brighten it up! And the best bit was meeting my goal at weigh in! Oh and I can't forget my lovely new sticker! I am currently tucked into bed with some painkillers - bliss!
    Last edited: 26 February 2014
  11. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Ahh I really want to eat everything in sight! I am just want to eat everything in the cupboard!

    I am going to watch the biggest loser and hope it calms down lol. I'll let you know later how bad or good I've been.
  12. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Today has been more moving and rearranging of my (too many) belongings. I seem to be getting no where with it, oh well it will get there eventually.
    I am still super tired and sore - the perils of fibromyalgia. I don't want to go in medication again as it made we really ill last time, and to be honest at this point the pain is more bearable the side effects of tablets. Only issue is my husband doesn't get home from work until 10pm somedays, and some of the time I am too tired to be much use for watching anything or even some more marital fun if you get me!! It is difficult but he loves me anyway :)

    Gosh today I wanted to munch on everything, but I managed to keep it in check. On a Green Day today -the food is as follows:


    Mug Shot Chicken

    SW Chips
    Bacon (Hexb) (4.5 syns)
    80g Lighter Cheddar Cheese (Hexa x2)

    Shape apple crumble (0.5 syn)
    2 x Alpen light (Hexb)
    Freddo Caramel (5 syns)

    Daily Syns - 10syns
    Weekly Syns - 10/105

    All in all not too bad I think - glad I managed to not munch everything in sight!!
  13. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    H- I think u've done really well there - it's terrible when u have the munchies! Plus ur in pain - which must make it harder to restrict ur food (or it wd for me!)

    I find that if I have a small b'fast and lunch I want to eat everything in sight afterwards - but if I have a decent b'fast (like porage or museli and fruit) and a small mid morning snack then a decent lunch (like a chunky soup) and bread) and an afternoon fruit snack I seem to feel fuller.

    Hope u feel fuller 2moro!
  14. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Well done that's a real achievement - a third of the way to goal wow!
  15. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Thanks everyone! I'm quite proud of myself tbh :).

    I'm definitely going to try to eat more in the mornings and lunchtimes from now on!
  16. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Current pet peeve - the ice cream van the stops right outside my door! I've recently moved and I thought yes no more Icecream van stopping at the end of my drive - no such luck! Saying that I have never gone to that Ice cream van in the 14 years I lived in my old place, so it isn't a big deal. However when you are being well behaved, it just adds a little taunt "I have Ice cream I have chocolate Yum Yum Yum" .... Scowls. Good job that I often put on the pyjamas in the house, so I am in no fit state to be seen by the public, should temptation take hold!

    In all honesty in the last 14 years it was probably laziness that stopped me going to the ice cream van, not willpower!!
  17. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    OOH tonight has been lovely! I just saw the northern lights and some shooting stars with my hubby - some of my bucket list complete.

    I have been laying low mostly today - still in a lot of pain and tired. So I have binge watched the Biggest Loser season 15 - well five episodes or so. I got some tidying done, and cleaning but for the most part it has been a rest a recuperate day!

    I was thinking early about reasons for me to lose weight and thought I would come up with the top 10.

    1 - I want to not be at risk of type two diabetes, or atleast lower my risk. There is family history of this.
    2- I want to ease the pressure off my joints. They are hyper mobile any way and lets face it being 6 stone (even more before) overweight is not helping.
    3 - I want to be more active. I want to random stuff like skydive (although the fear of heights may get in the weigh) and swim with sharks - most of all ride and elephant.
    4 - I want to ghave kids some day. I don't want my weight to cause fertility issues when we take that journey.
    5 - I want to be able to go into any shop and be like "ooh I love that". Not just look for my size then be like thats the best of it.
    6 - I want to be confident in myself. I want to be able to not feel paranoid every time someone looks at me.
    7 - I want to try and improve my Fibromyalgia. Being overweight will only agreviate the condition. I need to be as healthy as I can be to alleviate some symptoms.
    8 - I want to not have my family worried about my health every time they notice I've gained weight.
    9 - I want to have control over myself - not let food control me.
    10 - Most of all I want to be proud of who I am. I want to stand up and be like "yes this is me, I am a great person, and it is not just my personality, I look alright too!". I don't want to be ashamed when someone sees my bingo wings, or my overhang! I don't want people to think I don't care about my appearance, or that I am lazy. I want to look like I care about myself, and love myself.

    I know it all starts on the inside, and I think I am getting there. I know it is not the worst thing in life if have a bad week on the scale, and I know that as long as I put it the effort I will be proud of myself. It is a journey that I will finish some day - and it may be longer than I want but that is okay.

    So food wise - Red Day

    Syn free pancakes

    Chips, bacon and my own cheese sauce:
    Potatoes (Hexb)
    Cheese (2xHexa)

    Morrisons Hunters Chicken (7.5syns)
    Potatoes (Hexb)

    Mullerlight vanilla
    Alpen Light Double Chocolate (2.5 syns)

    Daily Syns - 10
    Weekly Syns - 20/105
    Last edited: 1 March 2014
  18. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Wow - u've seen the Northern Lights - amazing!

    That's a great list too - lots of those things could me on mine if I had one!

    Your photo is lovely - u have a pretty face to be proud of (u don't mention that) u also sound like a kind, gentle person and u've done the right thing to join here - u'll get lots of support and ideas - well done ur off to a good start and you'll soon be ticking those goals on ur list!
  19. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    Thank you so much, you really are too kind!

    Today I have done some cleaning, remade the bed and hung up a painting. Oh and did some more binge watching of the biggest loser season 15. The biggest loser is all about the "why", why you gained weight. I guess no-one knows for sure, but there is always contributing factors. Things like family problems, mental health issues and personal tragedies are to name a few.

    I guess my main "why" is eating my feelings, like most people. I try to be strong for my family, and instead I end up feeling useless and to make myself feel better self medicate with food. There was a good while where I ate Domino's Pizza so much - not just the pizza, but several sides as well. I think what has changed is that I feel more secure with my OH, especially now he is my husband. I know I can rely on him, he won't judge my feelings, and he doesn't have mountains of stress on him to make me feel awful for burdening him. I feel content, yes I still have my issues and it will be a while before I am "healed", but every day I look after myself it is a step closer.

    Maybe I will get into my "whys" more, and explore them at a later date - but right now I'm not quite ready, and that is okay too. All I know is I feel better mentally than I have in a good time, and it is definitely showing on the scales. It is true that you need to be in the right place to lose the weight, and I feel like this is it for me. I don't want to reach target and eat what ever I want - that is what got me to this size. I want to be able to eat a freddo, not the whole 150g bar of dairy milk - I want to be in control of myself.

    So food wise today has been a green day - I needed the comfort of carbs! Still not 100% but this helped.

    Mullerlight Cherry
    Hifi Chocolate Orange Bar (Hexb)

    Quark - with some cajun seasoning

    SW Chips with veg and my cheese sauce.
    80g Lighter Cheese (Hexa x2)

    2 x Alpen Light (Hexb)
    Freddo Caramel (5 syns)

    Daily Syns - 5 syns
    Weekly Syns - 25/105 syns
  20. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - wasn't being kind - just truthful!!

    Yes I suppose a lot of us have eating issues - but as u say our first step is to eat sensibly - and during that time - we'll hopefully learn more about ourselves bit by bit - I think it's best to lose the weight 1-2lbs a week (after the initial high losses) so that hopefully by the time we get to goal - we developed good eating habits! Enjoy the weekend!
  21. FeatherWeight

    FeatherWeight Full Member

    :) Thanks!

    So today I have done heaps of clothes washing, dishes, and organising. Then I went shopping! Shopping can be fun - unfortunately I didn't get anything for myself. I had to get presents for my friends, I have been a bit behind on the birthday present front. They each got a nice photo frame (which all has sum bling) and scent pouches. Hopefully they will like them.

    The OH was working breakfast right through to 9:30pm and has been working pretty constantly all week so we haven't had that much time together. Tomorrow he has a day off and we are going to a big carboot sale which should be fun, and swinging past a car meet. Something to suit both of us!

    It was another green day today - I seem to gravitate towards the carbs when I don't feel 100%. I am loving slimming world to be honest, and I love cooking random things. Although I do end up eating very similar/the same things day in day out but that's just me!

    Cheese and Ham Toastie
    Cheese (Hexa)
    Ham (Hexb)
    2 X 400g Wholemeal (Hexb)

    Chips, with pepper, mushroom, onions and mustard sauce.
    Mustard Sauce (Quark, 4xtsp mustard (2syns), 40g lighter Cheese (Hexa))

    Past n Sauce - Cheese and Broccoli

    Possibly - freddo 5syns

    Daily Syns - 2 syns (maybe 7 syns)
    Weekly Syns - 27/105 syns (maybe 32)

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