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A polite request

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Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention on this forum that a number of people are being incredibly rude to one another. Please remember that we are all here to help and support one another, not to call people names like "*****" and "dick".

We are all here because we want to lose weight. I'm guessing that for most of us, we have spent enough of our lives being called names and being put down, by people who don't know any better. We know better.

Let's all treat each other with the respect we deserve, and behave with grace and dignity.
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I must have missed all the nastyness but I agree we should be supporting one another :)


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Think sometimes we all get a bit passionate (which like text msgs can be widely open to interpretation) about a subject which is close to our hearts. But your right, we should treat each other with respect, grace & dignity. xoxo


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Wow, I'm obviously reading the wrong threads!


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Well said Shelley. It seems some people are bored/ lonely and don't have anything better to do than start arguments.



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I've obviously missed something too!

If you see any thread which does cause concern, use the "report post" button to alert the mods.

However, and I'm not referring to any specific post because like I said, I haven't seen anything - I have seen a lot of things be taken out of context on here. There are things which have spiralled out of control (I speak from experience!) although I've not seen anyone called such names. Text is a difficult thing to understand sometimes.

I would say to anyone, that if you strongly don't agree with a post, and can't offer a different objective spin on things, then don't reply.


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I agree that sometimes it may appear that some people posting are being rude, but i really think its the misinterpretation of the message contents.

Everyone is here to either lose weight, or maintain a loss. Nobody is here to start fights or be troublesome I am sure, and definately not to put someone down or call them names.

There are little icons on each post. If you feel someone is crossing the line, then they should be reported to the admins (little triangle icon).

Personally, I dont think a thread like this helps matters, as it just gets people wound up and wondering 'is she talking about me'.

Thats my view anyways - i love this board as I can speak my mind, get advice, have a moan and rant sometimes, and hopefully help others with my long term knowledge of the SW plan. Although I do get things wrong sometimes.....not very often though - haha!



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I must be reading the wrong threads too as i've NEVER saw anyone be called those names!!

I agree with Ellebear, don't think these type of threads help, there is a report button if people aren't happy!

There are a few threads I ignore because I believe they bring the forum down, glass always half empty type of threads, I personally think there should be a sticky type place or sub forum for people who have nothing positive to say, no-one wants to look at negative posts all day!


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Cant say I've seen any of these threads either, but I personally dont see the harm in a thread like this.


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I do appreciate why some people believe that this type of thread might not help matters, I was in two minds whether to post it. Naturally, I'm not going to say which threads it refers to, but there are some out there, this is something I have seen more than once.

I do agree that sometimes things can be interpreted incorrectly, and can rile some people up due to innocent misunderstanding. However, there is only one way to interpret someone being called those kinds of names.

I have reported those comments that I have seen, and I hope that these types of things will continue to be rare.


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The plot thickens lol!


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Ooh! Ooh! *raises hand* I have a question!!!

How can the OP be sure that the five asterisks were the five asterisks that they think they were? Was the naughty word misspelled on purpose to bypass the swear filter?

Only asking in the interests of...well... you know...being better able to utilise the search function :D :8855:


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Maybe if you really have a problem with something that someone writes on here, and don't want to report it, a private message would be a better way to address the issue?
Like EB & Vanilla Cupcake i'm not convinced these types thread are constructive because people who have done nothing wrong will inevitably think that they are at fault. A private message, properly worded, would probably be more constructive.


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This thread isn't pointing a finger of accusation at anybody, and isn't a criticism of anyone who has posted comments which may have been taken in ways that they were not intended, as I know I am guilty of that myself.

As I stated in my original post, it is the act of directly using deliberately inflammatory words, like calling people names, that I have a problem with, there is no way that those kinds of names can be interpreted in anything other than the way in which they were intended - to cause offense.

I would never dream about using those kinds of words about people, I don't have the right to say those things about anyone. Nobody does.


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shelleylovesjelly said:
This thread isn't pointing a finger of accusation at anybody.

Really? What the point of it then? Someone has obviously annoyed you enough for you to start a thread, and good on you if they have annoyed you. You're entitled to call them on it. I'm just not sure its the best way, if you want someone to stop using language that offends you, to go about it! In all honestly the person you're obviously referring to probably doesn't give 2 hoots! But the thread itself could make other quite paranoid!
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