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A question re maintenance steps


can see the end in sight!
hello maintainers!

just a quick (well, will probably be a rambling long one!) question about the maintenance steps.

I have lost 13lbs this week, lol 9 of those were glastonbury glycogen gain, 4lbs loss really that takes me to 13 stone 7lbs.

i am planning on doing 2 more weeks SS, and hopefully lose just over 7lbs to get me into the next stone bracket (or near enough)

I am then planning on doing one week SS+, one week 810, 2 weeks on 1000, 2 on 1200 and 2 on 1500. so 2 months to work up the plans and i hope to lose a stone in that time to get to 12 stone which is my final goal.

basically the questions i have are:

is that a good length of time to work up the steps? i dont want it to take forever but i know the hard work begins here and i want to do it properly.

is it realistic to expect to lose a stone working up the plans? i know it will be slow but i am struggling on ss at the moment and my body is crying out for sustenence in the shape of fruit and vegetables and protein!

sorry for the rambling stream of consciesness (sp?) thread, but in case you can't tell, i am a planner and a bit anal retentive!!

thanks in advance! :)
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This is only my story but I have done the steps 3 days at a time and this has not caused a rebound weight for me so I think your plan sounds fine. You do get to a point on the diet where you just NEED food and you have done brilliantly this far and im sure you will be a success in maintenance also. Good luck xxx


can see the end in sight!
thanks julie! I can't wait for maintenance. I'm ready to start the next step on my journey.


can see the end in sight!
thanks for the rest of your input guys! :cry:


Winning a losing battle!

I'm not on maintenance yet, but I hope to be starting at the beginning of August, ok, so my BMI won't be officially healthy, but I should be at the weight I want to start maintenance on!

Speaking to my CDC about it, she has suggested following the steps as you have suggested.

As you are still taking in low cals, you should still lose weight so I'm going to give it a go so that I am eating 'normally' by the time I go away at the end of August.

Hopefully, one of the real maintainers will come along and give us some more info!!


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Hi hun

We do reply honest, just sometimes it gets a bit quiet over here.
I think your plan sounds quite good, but it really depends how quickly your body loses weight and how quickly your body stabilises with each stage.

For me personally going up to 1000 it's taken a while for it to stabilise and to continue losing, so I really do think it does just depend.

Good luck xx


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Just spotted this Eyeson, been away for 17 days and not checking in regularly. So... will reply & bump if you are still looking for ideas!

I'd agree with AlexM, try not to be so rigid about set times, see how your body reacts at each stage. I stayed on 810 for AGES... I loved it and lost 2 stone there. I'd aim to lose maybe 7 or 8lbs on 810 & 1000 & then move up to higher plans. Each time I stepped up, my body did take a bit to adjust, so I waited until I was losing again before even thinking of moving up.

It sounds a bit relaxed if you are a planner, but sometimes you don't know until you are doing something how it will be for you - we are all different. It has struck me that now I am at goal, I am staying here... what I mean is, I don't seem to be losing even on days when I cut the cals. So make sure you are at goal by the time you finish steps - trying to lose a last 5lbs or whatever on 1800 would be quite hard I think!

Whatever you do, enjoy it - and look forward to seeing you over here!



can see the end in sight!
thanks katycakes, very useful information. i think i am not going to be so set and rigid, i'll see how each step goes. i would really like to get to 12 stone, or anything below 12 stone 6 really. i am so looking forward to the maintenence steps, but this last bit is very difficult indeed!


Stubborn tortoise
Eyeson, you are SO close, when are you starting a thread on here? Come on... we're very friendly really!

Wow, what an amazing weight loss Eyeson. You plan sounds great and as the others have said you can adjust it when you get started.

I've been doing 810 for 4 weeks now and am still adjusting, I think I might move up though, I don't think this one suits either my body or my mind.



can see the end in sight!
thanks guys! I am going to start my maintenence diary next week, as even though I'll be starting on ss+, it will be the first steps toward losing the last little bit and maintaining. Hoping to crack the 12's this week, signs are looking good! Exciting.
Looking forward to you joining us on here, start maintenance withouta rigid plan in your head, just take notice of what your body tells you and how it adapts to each plan....

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Hiya, oohh how did i mess this thread. Sorry about that. Sounds like you're head is sorted now :)

Yeah 1 week on 810 is very little. You lose the most weight on 810 and 1000. I only just chatted with my cdc about this yesterday. On 1200 and 1500 you'd lose much less so I'll be using thsoe 2 steps for stabalising and if i lose the odd bit here and there then great but I won't be relying on it.

Looking forward to having you here. have a great week hun xxx


can see the end in sight!
thanks Sunshine, starting tomorrow woo! i think the reason why i'm so keen to rush through ss+ and 810 (stupidly and i won't rush it, ill take my time) is because i am so excited about 1000. it seems like the sort of step i could stay on for ages and really enjoy. but i want to do this properly so will follow all your advice and see how it goes.

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Ooohhh how fab. You'll love the steps. The food on 1000 is very much what I love to have too. Finding it a bit hard right now to stick to 1000 but thats due to a few reasons. Right I'll look forward to your diary thread xxx

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