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A rant about...


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...people who lose weight without even thinking about it!! One of my friends had a baby recently. It's 4weeks old. Anyway, today her Facebook status reads something like this... I was 9.5stone pre-baby, now I'm 8.5 and I'm not even dieting! AAAAARGH!!!! Way to go rubbing it in! I gained about 2 stone with my pregnancy (lo born a year ago) and I'm doing SW to get rid of the weight!! Please someone tell me it's not just me who finds this annoying, and yes, I am jealous! Haha xx
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Yes it's totally annoying i agree with you. And also I hate when my size 6 colleagues ask me why I'm on a diet!! I know they are being nice but you feel like saying "do you have ANY idea what it's like to not be able to buy clothes in any shop you feel like?" (that's only one reason I'm dieting but you get the gist).
Sorry for going off on a tangent!
My mum and sister are both size 6's and never have to watch what they eat, so I know it can be fustrating.
defo not the only one lol x


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It's not just you - my dear wifey (not actually my wife, he's my best gay friend, and I'm his best gay friend - long story) eats and eats and never gains an oz! When we used to go to KFC (6 nights out of 7) I used to have a burger, chips and diet coke. He'd have a 5 piece crispy strip meal, a medium box of popcorn chicken and a mini fillet with a fanta!
I like to think fate has given us advantages that they can't even imagine!

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Dw, my sisters best friend recently gave birth to a little girl, she emaield me asking me about sw, as she wanted to shift some weight, i thought fair play, preganacy can pile on the pounds and its better to get stuck right in, and shes not the sort of person to ask for help about anything so i was a bit taken a-back ..

however, after explaing everything to her and suggesting she find her local group.. she was like, yeah im already back to my pre-baby weight.. i just wanna shift another stone..

i was like :eek:


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The number one line I hate is; "you wouldn't look right thin" - oh that's nice! You just want me to be your fat friend to boost your self esteem, because no one is going to look at me if I stay a blob with a belly that might break off and take over the world! But if I lose weight and look good then the light might shine away from you for a second and God forbid!


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Oh yes, the "now you won't lose too much" brigade, "it'll all go off your face and you'll look ill". (or scrawny! I should be so lucky!) Having said that a rather large girl at work who reckoned she put weight on at SW (and even her leader couldn't work out why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is being very supportive.

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