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A Silly Question?


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Right, Ive had 2 days on LT. (SAT/SUN)

Back to work tomorrow. Im a chef, and obviously need to taste the food I prepare, so's not to serve up rank tasting dishes!

Im not talking about consuming large portions, less than a half a teaspoon, if that, just to check for seasoning etc.

Now I think I know the answer, but Will this cause problems? (im thinking yes, of course it will!!)

I'm quite capable of adjusting seasoning etc without the need to taste if need be, as I really dont want to jepordise (sp) the diet in any way, but I know some dishes I wont be able to avoid tasting. (Mainly sauces etc. For sweetness/salt etc)

Should I avoid as much as possible? What If i just check the flavour on my tounge and spit & rinse? (That sounds horrible, but I promise, Im a very clean chef and have won an award for one of the cleanest kitchens in Cardiff! I dont spit usually!)
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No question is silly, if you are asking it then chances are someone else has thought it.

As for an answer, I'd say you shouldn't taste, even if you spit out. I can see how it could cause problems, is there no-one who could be your official taster in your kitchen? I'm no chef but when I bake I use my children as guinea pigs - should use them more coz I baked a chocolate cake and forgot to add sugar!!!!! Oh well hubby liked it!!!!



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I don't know the answer to that I'm afraid. I'd say avoid if you can. Thinking that your sense of taste might change though with the diet. Things that I previously found normal, I find way too salty and sweet now.

Difficult question!


Loves the jobs you hate!
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Good advice, thank you.
I dont have anyone I could appoint as a chief taster really, as I manage the kitchen and oversee all of the cooking, and have to taste most things before they are served :(
I also have the job of teaching a trainee chef, which can be very difficult, as she has no idea about flavours etc at the moment. Doh!

Could I borrow your children? they could be my tasters! Lol

Ill figure something out. Ill test the pallet of the pot washer tomorrow and see if I can rely on him :) If not, then then my customers will just have to add their own seasoning. Afterall, thats what salt and peppers for :D

Emma. x
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Emma, you are more than welcome to my children - especially after this weekend! My son is actually pretty good in the kitchen and has considered a career in catering.

Hope the pot-washer is able to do it otherwise your trainee chef will be learning very quickly!

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I think the main issue would be that it could knock you out of ketosis - as we have to be careful about things like sweeteners & mouth washes I think it may well be an issue!

That said, perhaps you could ask your pharmacist about this spitting idea, heh.

Good luck!!


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