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A Star, a Window and a Wish - thread for support!


is working hard.....
Hello everyone!

I've been thinking. At my daughters school, they have a style of marking work which gives specific praise for a specific 'thing', a highlighted area which needs attention, and a target for aspiration and improvement. I think this would be a good tool for SW. We could have a star, window and wish each week or as often as needed as a way of staying motivated, on track and realistic about creeping habits! It works like this:

It's called Star, Window and Wish (and these are my smilie choices :D).

Star :0clapper: = specific praise for something fabulous

Window :booboo: = specific area where things need to be addressed

Wish :fingerscrossed: = a target to be acheived (usually small and achievable in the short term and can be linked to the next star)


These are mine following the bank holiday weekend:

Star :0clapper: = I stuck to plan at the cinema, munching on apple slices, ryvita minis, and a fibre plus bar (2 x HEB) with a diet coke.

Window :booboo:= I've been sneaking mouthfuls from my children's treats - a taste from baking, a lick of the icing bowl, a lemon sherbert - and not counting them in my syns.

Wish :fingerscrossed: = I'm going to investigate more variety in my HEX choices this week and have a different one each day.

What do you think? And what would yours be?

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Not evil at all
Cupcake I love this idea! :) mine would be -

Star = I got back on track this morning after 4 days off plan :)

Window = I went off plan for 4 days

Wish = Stay on the red plan 100% :) and don't let weak moments turn into bad weeks...!


Still rockin' it
Star :0clapper: = Last week I made a real effort at swapping my usual syns for healthier syns e.g. almonds, avocado, dried fruit, houmous and seeds
Window :booboo: = Twice during the week I went well over my planned alcohol syns (I lose resolve when tipsy!)

Wish :fingerscrossed: = I am going to try for a week free of alcohol

Brilliant thread- I love this idea

Star = I've kept going even though I had a disapointing weight loss for the last 2 weeks

Window = Eat my healthy extra B choice (keep leaving it)

Wish = To lose 1Lb next week instead of the 0.5 I have been losing.

Loving this thread. :)


is working hard.....
Thank you - I'm glad you like it!

CP - I like your delicious syn choices too - avocado = yum!!

Yay DL - you've kept going and you WILL get your 1lb loss. xx:)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Great thread!

Star :0clapper: = I drank vodka and slimline tonics for the most part at a wedding on Saturday! It would normally have been wine and then Baileys!

Window :booboo:= I ate a fair bit of white bread at the weekend after the drinking on Saturday! Felt it though - my stomach went rock hard and I was really uncomfortable!

Wish :fingerscrossed: = I'm back on plan as of yesterday and hope for a STS this week and also going camping this weekend so going to make good food choices!
I love this idea! I'm gonna hop on board!

Star - Thought I had had a bad week last week, so had a strict weekend and managed to lose a pound and get my Club 10 award!:)

Window - I have a relaxed day on a Tuesday (day after WI) and don't watch what I eat and now I feel all bloated! :(

Wish - Straight on to plan Tuesday morning, regardless!

Hope I've done this right? :)
I really like the sound of this Cupcake, mine are:

Star: I managed to avoid the ice cream man not once, or twice, but 3 times this week:cool:I was craving ice cream so bad but settled for a mini milk at 1.5 syns instead.

Window: I take the night of my WI off but this week I ate too much pizza instead of just eating until I was satisfied and now I feel massive:( Lesson learned.

Wish: Lose at least half a pound this week to get my weight down into the next stone category:)


is working hard.....
This weeks.................

Star :0clapper: = I survived my 'Wonderland' day from hell by sticking to plan, and seeking support from my RL friends and my MM friends!

Window :booboo: = I had 3x HEXb after a blonde moment and not remembering what I had eaten!

Wish :fingerscrossed: = To religiously record every HEXa HEXb and syn this week to avoid aforesaid blonde moments!!

xx :)
aww this is a lovely idea for a thread :) well done girls!

Star :0clapper: = i have eaten more than 5 of the recommended 5 a day every day this week :)

Window :booboo: = drank too much alcohol :mad:

Wish :fingerscrossed: = to be able to incorporate some red and green days in next week instead of being safe and sticking with EE ;)
Star - Lost 1lb even though my dr put me on steroids for my asthma, which has a side effect of weight gain.:D

Window - couldn't do my exercise for the whole week because of the tablets and my breathing issues and so got a bit lazy.

Wish - to get back on track with exercise and making sure I have my HEX's (I have WW danish brown which is 3 slices, I have the first slice at breakfast and forget the other 2) or I measure my milk out and have a few cups of tea and forget to have the rest.

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