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A thread for all you ladies

Right ladies,

I have been goign out with my gf for a few years now and she would like to be proposed to and things have been going well recently and I have enough dosh to buy a ring that isnt an onion ring or made of tin foil.

I have always had an idea of proposing to her in the snow under the northern lights in a year or so. But an oppotunity has arisen to do it sooner. Now using my miniscule man brain I have considered doing it this new years when we are on holiday in indonesia. She always wants it to be special and unique, hence the northen lights idea.

My 2 ideas for doing it there are:

1- we are going to a new years party on the beach in indonesia, and my idea is to do it as the clock strikes 12 for new years 09.

2- We are going scuba diving in one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. I though that a funny and strange one would be to do it underwater with one knee on the sea bed.
Get a t-shirt printed up before hand with "Will you marry me?" on it and wear it under my other shirt. Then as I kneel down take off my shirt and reveal the question.

Are any of these 3 ideas something that you think would be quite romantic?
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Same as Blonde Logic under the sea, that would be amazing!
Oh can you be my OH I love the under the sea idea!!! Very unique! So exciting!

How bloody romantic :jelous:

She's a very lucky lady to have someone as lovely and romantic as you.....

Either proposal would knock my socks off. I am soooooooooo jealous.

Tut again.

But seriously, best of luck to the both of you. I hope it turns out to be as beautiful and romantic as it sounds :D



Fighting Demons....
I am so jumping on the underwater bandwagon here Dave! Love that idea. And she wouldn't expect it either!! Bonus.

But, as was said earlier, don't go too far down. Don't want you're future wifey to gasp in the ocean now!!

B x
under water is a lovely idea very unique and very special. I got married in Lapland and who have loved to see the Northern lights apparently we missed them as it happened whilst having our meal after the wedding:(
AWWWW thats so sweet! Both sound fantastic! :D


Guess who's back...?
WOW!! Under the sea is an incredible plan - you could do the whole... 'my, my, what is that glinting down there in the sand... coral... etc... let's have a look... oh, what a surprise, it's a ring!' (obviously using mime and not spoken word - that is less easy... hmmm...

She will be absolutely blown away- and just think when you get to the surface - you won't be able to keep your hands off each other - incredible!! :) Do it! Do it!

Anna x

I agree with you as well GT - I think I need a new man to!!

I like the under water one, and am looking forward to the thread entitled "Help!!! Lost an engagement ring in the sea - will the insurers cover it?" in the new year.

:D Sorry - but do think the underwater one sounds the better of the two.
haha Andy that is what has crossed my mind!!!!!

She has always said though, buy a token ring in case it doesnt fit and then we will go pick a nice expensive one together.

Which sounds fair enough. At least then she gets a ring she likes.

I might get her one of those rings with a whistle on it. Proper old school.
Also jsut had a BRILLIANT idea.

Get a t-shirt printed up before hand with "Will you marry me?" on it and wear it under my other shirt. Then as I kneel down take off my shirt and reveal the question.


always lurkin around!
[email protected]:p this is a lovely thread and cheered me up 2 read(not feelin well)..i think both ideas are fab the underwater one is lovely.. how very romantic wat a lovely man u r xx

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