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A word of warning


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I posted a thread over the weekend saying that I had cheated on Sat and to be honest I didnt feel that bad about it as I went straight back on SS Sun and Mon, however yesterday evening I started picking at food again and this must be because of my cheating on Sat.

If you are doing SS then please stay away from the food as I think once you've tasted it it's very hard to not eat again!!!

I am just hoping that this restart will last....:sigh:
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Oh yes, I've definitely discovered this first hand for myself!! I think eating stimulates your appetite, making it much harder to resist again!


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I did exactly the same thing at the weekend because of family things etc, and Ive been completly obsessing about food ever since!!! And my resitance levels arent great either.
Had the orange choc bar last night for my "meal" it was yuk!!! Had to force myself to eat it otherwise I knew id end up with my head i the fridge or cupboard!!
Going out for a walk this evenihng after my "meal" need to get away from the kitchen


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I'm so worried about this, I'm going away to a conference on 16th June - 5 days long, everything outside conference is socialising - eating and drinking.

I can go without drink but I know I won't be able to go without food otherwise I'll be on my tod for a week in Bournemouth.

I'm so worried I'll find it difficult once I go back on however, I'm craving food more than anything right now and feel I need to get it out of my system:cry:
Yep, I'm guilty too...
Ever since having 2 weeks off'ish for a holiday I have been struggeling. Still lost some but not a huge amount. My resistance levels are very low (well, getting a bit better...) and every day is so much of a struggle.
I don't want to scare anyone but if you can, stay on SS until you have lost what you wanna loose.
My first stint of 3 months was a breeze so I thought "ah, I'll be fine.."..gosh was i wrong..



Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Soooooooooooo guilty...,

I've wasted the whole month of May by messing around, lost bout 4lbs.

Zero tolerance policy for June.., its the only way.
im so glad im not alone i have messed around all may since getting back from a weeks holiday, i was fine before, determined to turn over a new leaf in june
Hi there,
Im new to this site so Hello" to everyone!!

I stuck to the diet for 12 weeks, lost almost 4 stone then I starting picking, then I came off for my holiday, then no matter how many attempts I've done, I still end up picking.

Ive managed, 2 days then I eat, 3 days then I eat and even 5 days then I eat!!! Every day recently has been my day 1 again.

Here I am, 4 STONE HEAVIER and I'm now on day 4 and more determined than ever, setting myself smaller goals this time!!

It really isnt worth picking at any food - the consequences are too high even though I know what its like to feel that utter desperation for food!!!

So, Im taking it a day at a time, in fact, more like hour by hour really.

I wish everyone the best

Thanks for the post, I have to admit its killing me not to go into the kitchen and make something solid to eat. I can't think of anything I actually want to eat, lots of things running around my head. I just want to remember what it was like - if that makes sense, does it taste any better??? I am so jealous of people losing so much weight in a few weeks I reach day 10 tomorrow :) really want to see a difference but every day its just me staring back, chubby, I just want to binge again.

Reading these posts make me think, whats the point for something that will make me feel EVEN more worse after.

By far the hardest thing I have done.
It is not good to interrupt your golden time! The first time you do this diet, please try and stick to it. I posted on another thread about this today. Very often we think we can handle a day or two off plan, but the picking WILL start. Best to avoid going off plan if at all possible.


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im guitly of this too!...and this is only my first week...i had my shake for breakfast today and i feel really hungry...not just cravings but hunger!!!..so i definately have to stick to the diet otherwise i will just keep trying to add this and add that...im not looking at a great loss this week..but i have really took a hold of myself and thought you stupid mare dont do it again..please everyone try not to snack while ssing..you cant cheat it...

diddy x
I cheated last night, but I felt so guilty and annoyed with myself that I don't want food anymore.
I think the weekends are the hardest because the whole family is here eating, and we always used to have a take away at the weekend so that is all I have craved since Fri night!!!!!!

I'm just hoping I'm not back at square 1 and going to feel rubbish again for the next few days!!!!

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