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I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!

There is abolsutely nothing to do at work today and I am about to pull my hair out. Whats making it worse is that the tuckshop is staring right at me and I am sooooo close to getting some minstrels.

I hate days like this, makes me think about all the food I want to eat and stuff I could be doing if I was at home....hate hate hate it when it's quiet. It's actually not even quiet....IT'S DEAD!!!! :mad:

Sorry, rant over :wave_cry:
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lol i hope you feel better now that you have had a rant hehehe I hope you have resisted them ministrels; but on a serious note this diet is harder when your bored, idle hands and all that jazz :)


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I'm bored too! Not much for me either, boss been out at meetings all morning. Done a bit of filing which for me is good lol! I'm thinking food too:mad:

What do you do?
well I feel your pain!!! I am having a banana tetra for the first time - i like the banana shakes and thought would be similiar OMG its nothing like it, I think it is disgusting. so while I am forcing this down my work has just brought in huge platters of buffett food!! and I feel really hungry. This is hell!!


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you poor things!! i don't start until tomorrow, but i'll bet i'll identify then. i work with four guys who just eat constantly.

a xx
I dont mean the diet is hell its actually pretty easy, its the best I have ever stuck to a diet. Its just today when this lovely smelling food is right in front of me! also on TOTM and I usually eat for britain in this week! its a real tester, but I will feel better for resisting!

I dont want to make it sound like the diet is hell cos its not :)


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well i'm really looking forward to giving it a go :D today is dragging. it's going soooo slowly. and all i want to do is go to this meeting and meet my cdc and get started!!

abz xx
its good u are so eager to get started. Have you done this diet before?
I really cant sing its praises enough. I have tried every diet under the sun, start on monday and give up by friday but 2nd week in and I am still going strong and I so amazed! I thought at first no way can i do that eat shakes and nothing else! but its so surprising how easy it is!!
Good Luck to you and keep coming on line it helps massivly! well i felt like sh*t about 10 mins ago when i posted above now I feel fine and the cravings gone, just by reading a few positive stories.
Good Luck :) :) :)


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i haven't done anything like cdc before. have done pretty much every other eating plan/group going though, ha. i wasn't sure about doing this but now that i've decided to i can't wait :D

abz xx

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