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AAM advice please

Hi, Thurday is my first AAM day and i'm really nervous about eating. I no its only a very small amount but i dont want to get the taste for food in case it starts me off. I've stuck to SS 100% and really dont want to mess up now. Has anyone else felt like this? How did you cope with it? Also can you give me some tips on what you ate, i have my list and was thinking cottage cheese with cucumber sounds nice but how do you measure 2tbs of cucumber or lettus, would it be 2 slices or 1 leaf? What other combinations do you have?
Thanks luv Jo x x
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Loving the Cambridge Diet
The AAMW won't make you want to run off and eat everything in sight, so don't worry about that!

With lettuce and cucumber it isn't all that important for your tablespoons to be so accurate since they are so low in both cals and carbs.

it is difficult to get adventurous on AAMW since the quantities are so small but enjoy it!

Why don't you just not do it? Lighterlife don't have one so you'll be fine if you skip it. Your CDC won't know whether you've done it as you still have the same number of packs - my CDC knows I don't do it and has no problem with it. I SS'd continuously for nearly 6 months and didn't touch any food and I've more than lived to tell the tale!

Just a thought though, is up to you at the end of the day!

MM x
Although LL don't do add a meal they do have Milk Week. The NICE guidelines state that people should only do a VLCD for so many weeks before upping their calorie intake for a week and then its safer to revert to the VLCD. I can't remember off the top of my head how many weeks it is with LL before you do milk week though.
I don't plan to AAMW next week. My CDC said she really struggled when she did it and felt she wanted more food, prefered doing without and still lost her weight.

I'm not missing food and don't think I want to bother with a few mouthfuls of chicken and veg.

Thats right - LL do have a milk week, have never heard of anyone doing it though - certainly no one in my group did and I've never come across anyone on Mini's who's done it either!

MM x
Thanks for that guy's. I thought the aam was very important to the diet (its the first time i've done any diet like this). I'll talk it through with my cdc.
Thats what i'm afraid of. I'm plodding along just fine without the dreaded food lol. I just think if i get the taste for it i'll be tempted with something else.
From 1st Feb you will be able to SS for 12 consecutive weeks if you so wish or during that time do SS+ which replaces AAM.

However, if you choose to do the 12 weeks consecutively as SS you will need to get a new MRF signed giving authority for your CDC to write to your GP to advise him/her you are doing a VLCD, this is not asking permission or for a signature but purely for information.

Week 13 you will need to move to the new 810 programme which is a LCD as opposed to a VLCD this is in line with NICE guidance.

Your CDC should be able to give you full details of this.

So if you postpone your AAM for a week then complete your MRF you should be fine to continue through without a break for 12 weeks.
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Thanks for that. I dont no what to do now lol i thought if someone said i did'nt have to do aam then i'd be fine but now i'm thinking Oh God!!!!! After the wk 13 do you then stay on 850 till goal is reached? Wonder if it would make a difference to weight loss, being slower i mean cause i wont be at goal after 13 wks, i still have another 5 stone to go!
I am due to start AAM on Friday. I was kinda looking forward to it just for the variety. (I don't like the soup so it reduces my options!) Can anyone tell me about SS+ is it the same as AAM?
SS+ is either 4 pkts of CD plus 200 ml of skimmed milk or 3 pkts of CD plus 200 cal meal. If you are already on SS follow normal AAM until all the details are fully released.

Always discuss with your CDC.

I'm on my first AAMW and I'm really enjoying it,Cod and cottage cheese have never tasted so good.
I know I will probably miss it next week,But hey its only another four weeks of ss and I can do it again

I ate tonight. Had some cooked chicken and God i feel sick and an awful pain in my right side so now i think i have gallstones! I read too much.
i start week four on thursday then have to start thinking about AAMW......cant decide what to do now!! i feel the same...if i start eating im scared i do damage and loose my will power that i seem to have SSing!!
I'm on my 3rd AAMW and to be honest I'd rather not bother - I tend to stick to cottage cheese and cucumber or the odd bit of chicken and lettuce, I find it hard to fit in my 3 shakes and my "meal" lol. It certainly doesn't make me want to eat anything else, mind you if it was bread then that's a different story...

Corinne x

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