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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by pestydebz, 1 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. pestydebz

    pestydebz Full Member

    Well i arrived took me time but when i wake up i'll be on my first day of my re_start
    yep 5lb heavyer but happy im right in the zone again .....
    So 4 weeks till my birthday treat then see how it goes i really want to loose 2 more stone i know i can do it tomorrow first day back will take a lot and i plan on keeping very busy got the whole day planed
    fingers crossed :D
    altered the ticker all sorted rearing to go
    debz x
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  3. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    welcome back hun x
    sending ya possitive vibes that you'll stay on track.
    best of luck.you can do it x
  4. A Better Me

    A Better Me Silver Member

    hey debz, good luck on your restart hun, you`l be fine xxx
  5. pestydebz

    pestydebz Full Member

    looking at both your pics makes me happy :)but sad :cry:at the same time I could be having pics of me thin like you guys now but i blew it but im ready now thanks for the good vibes

    debz x
  6. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    you'll have your pics up in no time hun.
    we've got nearly the same amount of weight left to lose now so lets see if we can get to goal together.
    a few of us are refeeding the first week in december so fingers crossed we'll get there by then x
  7. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    Well done on starting off again. You should get good results between now and Dec. Lots and lota of positive thoughts going your way to help you keep on the right road.
  8. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Welcome back hun. So missed your posts. You will be grand starting back and the last of dat weight will be off before you know it!
  9. soon2Byummymummy!

    soon2Byummymummy! Silver Member

    welcome back debs good luck xx:)
  10. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    good luck hun, sure ull be fine and at target before u know it.
    x x
  11. BetsyBotox

    BetsyBotox Silver Member

    Yay! Welcome back Debz! Missed ya about the place. It's so lovely to see you back and posting, and being so positive!

    You can do this and you will do this! That 23lbs will be gone before you know it sweetie!

    I'm wishing you all the luck in the world but I don't think you'll need it! You'll do brilliantly! Remember to come on here and share you thoughts, feelings, it really helps to get it all out there.

  12. cj1

    cj1 Full Member


    Im starting again too, I will find out tomorrow how much I put back on while I was off it for three weeks. I imagine it will be more than 5 pounds! Ha ha! But its all about your head being in the right place! Im ready and right there with you. Lets do it!!
  13. pestydebz

    pestydebz Full Member

    Aww thanks betsy ..
    and everyone else that have sent me good vibes
    it worked day 1 ............a doddle although have been upstairs most of the evening watching films so i don't see food in the kitchen lol
    i knew i'd be ok if i got through day 1 early bed now thanks all

    debz xx:D

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