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Add a meal week and losses


Mistress of the Dark
Hi everyone!

I'm just approaching the end of week 3 and have been thinking about the potential AAMW in week 5. I have just read the thread about why you have to have an AAMW but I have a couple of questions and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me.

Firstly, I know that according to the NICE guidelines I must have an AAMW every 12 weeks. On CD I did an AAMW every 12 weeks and suffered no ill effects except a little hair loss which didn't bother me because I would rather be slim and bald than fat and hairy.

So I'm considering just doing AAMW every 12 weeks rather than in week 5 and week 13. If the reasoning behind the weeks 5 and 13 AAMWs in the thread that I read is correct (5 for no medical supervision and 13 for medical supervision), then I would definitely rather just have my AAMW every 12 weeks. Does anyone else do this? I know I can go 12 weeks TS, that's not a problem at all.

Secondly, what have people's losses been like on the AAMWs? I'd be more inclined to have an AAMW in weeks 5 and 13 if my losses are likely to remain decent, as in 2lbs or above.

Thanks for any advice in advance :D

Gem xxx
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I did all the AAM weeks that I should have done, I did not lose much during that week but the following week my loss went up above what I would lose on a normal week. You really should do it if only for the sake of your health, a bit of hair loss might not worry you but you never know what is going on with your body at a deeper level. There is also the "learning to eat the right things and the right amounts" which AAM gives you. I know it is hard when you are in the right head space to come of TFR for a week but if you treat the evening meal as part of your packs it helps.
Bren xx


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks for the advice Bren :)

I am swaying more towards just doing the AAMW in week 5 and 13 now, it's just that I don't want to slow down my losses. If the same happens for me as you then I shall be fine on that account :) x
thanks for that aswell Bren, i think thats helped me decided that I really should/must AAM after week 4, think I may rip of someone elses idea of doing 4 weeks TFR and then 1 week of add a meal and then 4 weeks TFR, 1 week AAM and so on LOL

Kinda wanting to eat lentils and tuna today - but its in the head..........although I did chew a bit of pork from my childs dinner as I cooked it (but I didnt swallow it LOL)

sharon x

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