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  1. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    I'm not quite on my add a meal week, but was reading through the 'weight care with cambridge' booklet and have a few questions.

    It says you can have 2 table spoons of greens, including asparagus, celery etc. This is what is puzzling me! How on earth can you measure these vegetables with a table spoon?

    Also, as the protein section (chicken, turkey, white fish etc) is quite bland, can i add pepper, herbs and spices i.e. paprika, thyme or basil. Or are there some we can have, but others we can't?

    Lastly, it says to still have the 3 cd packs during aamw - won't this stoop weight loss, or do you just loose less than normal?

    Thanks for your help guys x x x :)
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  3. Beccubug

    Beccubug Silver Member

    I find measuring veg with a spoon quite difficult too. i cant answer all of your questions but it will most definately not stop your weight loss. It is essentially ss+ which is what I do and the losses are only about 2 pounds a month less than ss.
  4. mooncat

    mooncat loves the moon and cats!

    Hi emma, a small floret of cauliflower or brocolli is usually a tablespoon and yes you can add herbs which makes it tastier
  5. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    oh thats great - thanks for your help guys!

    I was just puzzles as to how i can measure a 2 table spoons of asparagus!! lol - it's suprising because most of the cd is very well explained.
  6. mooncat

    mooncat loves the moon and cats!

    I know :) it seems a bit silly doesn't it measuring a tablespoon of veg :crazy:
  7. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Maybe it's how much asparagus/celery you can balance on a spoon... ;) ;) (Hmm, sounds like a challenge...)

    The mind boggles. I know that they're trying to keep it simple, but this is one of those occasions when keeping it simple doesn't help. I'd love to see the amount you're allowed to have as a cooked weight/raw weight. But then maybe that's just me... :)

    I suppose the point is that green and white vegetables are low in calories and carbs - and even if you had a little bit more than you were supposed to, it would make virtually no difference to the amount of weight you lose during AAM week.

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