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Add-a-meal-week helps or hinders weight loss?

Hello! I'm at Day 23 and I'm seriously considering an add-a-meal-week between days 30-37. I was just going to plough on with the diet until I got to my ideal weight but it looks like that might take longer than the 56 days I had planned- so my question is, what does it do to weight loss?

Now I can see it helping because it'll boost my metabolism and though I might only maintain that week, it'll mean a larger weight loss in week 6 when my metabolism has had that extra kickstart- but I don't want to do it if the benefit is only marginal.. I know I'd only eat one small high protein, no carb meal.. scattering of veggies and still be uber strict with myself..

What are peoples experiences of having a week of adding a meal in? Good and bad! :) Thanks Xx
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HI - adding a meal for a day or for a week really helps me. If I stop losing weight (either by my clothes or on the scales) or if it just slows down a bit - I eat a meal. Usually fish and salad / green vegetables; I avoid carbohydrates and the usual anti ketosis food. Then about three days later there is a shift. It helps me a lot - so would definitely recommend it.
Wow and you've both lost so much! That's encouraging :D Thankyou. I'm reluctant because I know it may slow the loss down but my body is craving protein so much and I hate ignoring what my body is screaming out for. At least I can grasp back some muscle mass in that week and it's the muscle that burns the fat! I'm definitely feeling inclined to do AAM! :) Xx
On day 2 now of AAM, so will let you know next Wed!
All going ok with the just sticking to one protein/greens meal, honestly not really enjoyed two meals Ive had, going to do AAM week religiously for health reasons (long boring story!!) but could have done without the food really! And I...... Never ever never ever ...thought Id be saying that!!
Oh kewl, yeah it'll be great to see how you find it. I'm veering on the edge of making a decision but i'll just have to see how much weight I lose this week I think. If it goes down too much I'll be so disheartened =/ I know the AAM is healthier but if weight loss goes down I'll be struggling with wanting to allow myself to eat when im nowhere near target yet =/ Xx
I know what you mean - but maybe you should think about the longer term. Add a meal can help stop your body going into starvation mode so keep the weight loss going for longer - even if you sts on add a meal week. One aamw I gained a lb and was gutted - but the following week I lost 6 lb so it was worth it.
That's what I was hoping- that it'll kickstart my body into losing again.. i just feel so silly for letting this hill I have to climb get so big.. never again I tell you! I'm going to crunch some numbers- It's wholly likely 56 days are not going to be enough and I always said if it takes longer than that then I have to take a few meals in to boost myself..

OK if i lost 2lbs every week from now until the end of the 56 days I'd still be about a stone from my target =( I was hoping I could just lose this conventionally but tbh, this is the best diet I've ever been on and I don't think I could lose a whole stone as quickly off this diet. So I've decided- at some point I will add in some meals for a few days. Maybe exactly halfway through the 3 months- If I do it at the beginning of week 7.

Thanks for contributing to my deliberation guys and I hope our discussion helps other people =) Xx
I'm going to do add a meal week, but like everyone else it will be protein with vegetable meals. Whilst I haven't done it yet, I think it will be good preparation for when I stop exante. My forthcoming AAM weeks will fall on my birthday, my mums birthday, thanksgiving (bfs mother is American so we do thanksgiving), and xmas. Due to these events in Autumn/Winter it was always the months I came off a diet so it's going to teach me how to eat through celebration times without stuffing my face. It'll prove to me that I can do it. So I'd say, even if I maintain weight during these times, the psychological impact of it will make it worth it. Just another thing for you to consider about doing AAM week. :)
Yeah you're right Ellie. I actually fear eating again. I tried explaining to my Dad, although I've never smoked so have no idea of what a smoker's craving feels like.. I said to him I HAVE to face my addiction everyday.. at least he could physically live without nicotine and he wouldnt have to face it three times a day. You're right, psychologically it'll really prepare me for knowing I can be in control of food.. almost crying thinking about it *blush* I've always felt so out of control around food. Wow.. touched a nerve :) Feel stupid for thinking AAM wasn't a good idea now! :) Xx
I agree with what you say about the smoking addiction and having to face food every day. That's what makes it so hard. I think the key to eating again is thinking about quality food that is good for your body and that you enjoy eating along with eating in moderation. I've been thinking a lot about how I will eat when I'm finished with exante. I think day to day it will be fairly rigid - lots of vegetable and high protein meals. I don't think I'll eat a bowl of cereal again and hardly any bread. When I make pasta with sauce meals there will be more sauce and protein and vegetables than pasta. Cakes/chocolate will be kept for the celebration times and only then. I like the idea of making these things a proper treat instead of a few days per week occurence. Alcohol will be limited to spirits and diet mixers - wine and beer will feature a lot less than it used to and if I do drink them it will be 1 or 2 small glasses. I want what I do eat to taste good and I'll put effort into the preparation so that it will be done well. This isn't necessarily what you will do when you finish exante but I'm giving you an idea of the sort of things I've been thinking about.

I really think that being able to have a good think about these things and seeing it in your minds eye is a way to confront the fears of eating again and prepare yourself for when you're really doing it. I'm a big believer in visualising goals then making them happen.


Been liberated by Exante!
[QUOTE="Ellie_. .."........... I'm a big believer in visualising goals then making them happen.[/QUOTE]

And so am I - it's the 'secret' of success -


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