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Add A Meal...


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When do I add a meal? Is it week 4 or week 5? Just a little confused, seem to have diet brain lol!

I've just checked and I started Exante on the 23rd of July, and I haven't added a meal yet, and I've got next weeks shakes ready, I thought I was to add a meal the week after. So today is the start of week 4 for me, so next Saturday (the start of week 5) do I add a meal for that week then?

I don't have food planned to eat this week,so hopefully I can aam starting from next Saturday.

or are you meant to do

week 1 packs
week 2 packs
week 3 packs
week 4 packs + aam

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My interpretation is for wk 5 to be aamw.

I did it last wk (although that was wk 6 for me). It seems to have kick my weight loss up a bit, before I was only losing 1.5lb a wk, gained a 1lb on aamw, but today 3 days before WI I've lost 5lb!

63lb to lose. WI 1-4: -19. WI5, -2. WI6, +1. 43lbs to go


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Thanks.... so I should be ok to aam from next Saturday then, hope so, I don't want to muck things up :)


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You will do ok bunnyhops. On Cambridge diet add a meal is week 12. I am not so strict as I would have the occasional protein only meal anyway, and there are days where I haven't been totally good so I do come out of Ketosis.
When I have added a meal for a few days I do find I get a new boost when it comes to weight loss.

Good luck with next week. :)

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Yep official AAM week is next week, week 5. I'm looking forward to my next one in 2 weeks time!


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Thanks guys for your help...I was hoping it was week 5, it gives me a week to plan what I'm going to eat... I'm a bit worried about it really.

now portions... how much do I have?
I was worried about it but it was fine in the end! Exante used to have a leaflet but they've pulled it from their website. It said to have approx 100g of lean poultry or fish with green veg. I generally had more like 125g and would add a bit of butter/ oil to the vegetables - I lost 2lbs that week and 6lbs week after so that seemed to be ok!
Good idea to get it planned, I knew exactly what I'd be eating each day for the week and that helped me keep on track.
Good luck!


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Thanks very much...I'm terrible with portions, and I lack a bit of self control too, so I never really know when to stop lol! I'll definitely be planning..

I don't eat meat or fish... is there an limit to how many eggs you can have a day? I'm thinking I could just live with scrambled egg, omelette and veg for the week. :)

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