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Am so addicted to my scales. Restarted yesterday and I was 17:3 :( stood on them last night before bed, 17:0.
Woke up this morning, 16:13 :) come home, 17:0 :(

Lol I know I shouldnt but they are calling me every day. Although I won't take what they say during the week as gospel. It's still nice to have a peek.

Anyone else finding it hard to fight the temptation of the little square that sits on the floor?
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i know what u mean every morning, i get up go toilet and get naked to weigh myself, i do it everymorning, but 9 out of 10 times it says lower than the day before which it great. i dont go on again for the rest of the day though cos i know thoughout the day u gain, like when u drink (or eat) so i stick to just the mornings.


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I have recorded my daily weight over in the weigh in thread everyday since I started (jayellekay weigh in)
I know lots of people say you shouldn't, but it keeps me in track. If I put on, or sts for a couple of days, it urges me to concentrate on drinking more water, so it works for me.
I think its dangerous though if you take it too seriously. If a sts or gain would put you off, then I think weighing daily would definitely be a dangerous distraction.
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I'm exactly the same! Jayellekay I'm just like you. If it doesn't move or creeps up it makes me drink more water. I know that my scales do not match my CDC scales but it doesn't bother me, when the weight is coming down I stay motivated.
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I'm the same, weighing myself pretty much every morning when I get up. Really want to stop doing it because I'm worried about times when the weight isn't going as fast and that it will make me lose motivation & I'd rather lose weight and be told you lost X this week rather than me going ok, i've lost 1/4 of a pound or 1/2 a pound.
Only in my second week and I know that weight loss slows down around this point so it's a pain!


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I still weigh myself every morning too;)

As long as you don't take it all too seriously and let it affect your mood, then its all fine, no harm done :p


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I only ever take any notice of my naked morning weigh in! lol

To be fair, I am a serial weigher, but that is only so I can get to know how my body fluctuates in weight across the week. I have found that usually I STS until the last couple of days when the weight goes down a bit more.


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I kind of got the idea from here that i shouldn't... but then I didn't weigh for six days last week and had a terrible shock when i did (I was showing a gain) where i'd been merrily assuming i was losing. I'm much better if i get bad news gradually.

also, my weight fluctuates so much up and down over the week that one day a week can give a really unrealistic snapshot. weighing daily allows me to notice a general trend.

perhaps because my weight fluctuates so much (during the day i'll gain anything from 2-8lbs) i'm well used to the scales showing a STS or gain - so it doesn't really upset me.

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