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Addictedtocheese's diary

For the millionth time I am attempting sw. I have had enough now of being wobbly all over:sigh: so this time I'm serious. I've got about 3 stone to lose, I'm going to write my diary here in the hope that if people see it it will embarrass me into being good!!!

Starting from now I am a sw girl!!!
Starting weight : 12st 4lb

Dinner for tonight is green day:
Jacet potato, beans, 28g cheese (HEA), beetroot, pickled onions, lettuce, tomato.
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Not had a good day really, doesn't help that the things in the cupboard aren;t all exactly sw friendly. Next time I go shopping I'll be sure to stock up.

Mum has little one tomorrow night so I think I'll be having a few vodkas, that doesn't bother me, it's the hangover munchies on Sunday I'm worried about. Will have to get some bacon to have a healthy bacon and egg butty, see how that helps.

Extra Easy today;
B- Milk (A), toast(B) Marg (2)
S- Mugshot
L- Ham omelette, beetroot, spring onion, tomato, lettuce
S- Bite of sausage roll :mad: (?)
D- Chicken, Asda curry sauce (allowing 10 because unsure of syns), peppers, mushrooms, rice
It was me :eek: Just couldn't resist :D
There is a huge block of mature cheddar in the fridge and it's soooo hard not going and taking a slice. I usually do everytime I walk past :eek:

Feeling super motivated today, think it's because I know I have to be good so I can enjoy my vodkas tonight!

B- Toast (4.5) fried egg, beans, grilled tomato
L- Noodles, sweetcorn, soy sauce, 2 dsp sesame seeds (HEB), turkey, chilli's
D- SW cajun wedges, gammon, fried onions & mushrooms, peas, grilled tomatoes,
S- Fruit, coffees (HEA)
Well I've not exactly been an angel over the weekend! Far from it infact. Drinks on Saturday night followed by the expected hangover munchies :eek: Never mind, clean slate as of tomorrow. Will write tomorrow evening what I have eaten because when I write it in the morning it always changes!


Serial Foodie!
keep going! you havent failed until you have stopped trying. Clean slate sounds fab. good luck xxxx
Thanks Karen, seeing your losses has really spurred me on & trust me I needed it! Thanks!! :):)

Planned my meals for tomorrw so hopefully will stick to it!
Weighed myself this morning (a day early but wanted to see the damage!) and I'm 2lbs down! Do not know how but really happy with that. Another bad day today but shopping day tomorrow and the good thing is there is no 'naughty' stuff left in the house :)

B- 2 egg ommelete, beetroot, milk (HEA), cofffee

L- cous cous (1), Iceland breaded chicken (6?) beetroot, pickled onions, cucumber

S- Tikka pasty :mad: (don't even wanna know the syns!)

D- meatball pasta bake, everything free apart from the shop bought meatballs. Tinned rice pudding to finish.

I know thats terrible but I'm drawing yet another line under a bad day!!

Off to plan my meals and shopping list so hopefully a good week will be had.
:) Glad I'm not the only one! Don't surpose you had a shockingly bad weekend as well did you?! :eek:

I went for a 40 minute bike ride yesterday to try to repair some of the damage I must of done! Also did 30 sit-ups......its a start.

Really need more of an effort o post here, I think it does help me loads when I actually do it.

Extra Easy today:
B= Fried egg in fry light, toast (4.5), brown sauce (1), coffee, sweetener, milk (HEA)
L= Cous cous (1), fish cakes(5), beetroot, pickled onions
D= Noodles, soy sauce, sweetcorn, peppers
S= Fruit, weetabix(to use HEB) & rest of milk from allowance

Total syns= 11.5

Shopping day isn't until tomorrow so I'm just using up whatever I could find.
Still 12st 2lb. Quite happy with that because I've not exactly been eating sw friendly foods this week.

Will check in later to report what I've eaten, fingers crossed for a better week!
Well I've just messed up!! Made some bean, cheese and potato pasties for the boys, thought I might be able to resist because I'm not usually a fan of pastry, but they smelt real good & when I cut them in half I could see the melted cheese :mad::mad: Don't think I even want to know the syns in pastry. Think I might just forget about my mishap & carry on as normal.

So my food for today:
B= Coffee & milk (HEA), muller, plum
L= Ham & egg mayo (2) sandwhich (HEB), lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber
S= Homemade pasty :(:(
D= Pork, mushrooms, peppers, onions, jalfrezi curry sauce (6ish)
Well its been exactly 2months since I last updated my diary and in that time I have put on 6lbs. Haven't really been sticking to plan what with house moves..blah blah blah! Now is time though to get my head & bum into gear on do something about this. Don't want another fat christmas and especially don't want to reach the 13 stone mark which is steadily creeping up on me.

Still can't afford classes so will be going it alone. Off to nose around everybodys food diarys for inspiration. Sometimes this plan does my head in beacause there is so much to choose from and I'm indecisive at the best of times :D

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