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advice needed for food addict...

hiya need some advice firstly well done to you all on the weight loss..
secondly helpppppppp lol
i have been reading this forum for almost 3 weeks now debating whether to start this diet or not i want to make sure it is right for me as i dont want another let down..(done just about every diet going)
i have around 8 stone to lose and i would say i have a food addiction... meaning i eat for no reason other than habit bordem or comfort i dont feel full ever this has been the down fall on all of my diets
this diet however is different wheres as other diets you east less of what i am addicted too (which is torchure) i would have no feed whats so ever so i see it as coming clean so to speak..
i wondered if anyone else has a simular situation to me and has found this diet the idea solution to a difficuld eating habit any advice would be great

thanking you in advance
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I find LT good as there are no grey areas, you do not eat, just your shakes, it is less likely to fail due to this I think. Once you hit ketosis you will likely beat those cravings, althought it is hard, I'm on day 5 and I am feeling much better about the whole thing! Good luck in your choice


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Hi drdrew,

I started lipotrim with 8 stone to lose and am now half way there. I find it brilliant because it has given me a break from having to make any food choices and it has been a bit of a relief.

However I also found that once I wasn't eating then I wasn't getting the benefits of overeating, emotional pick me ups etc so I have had to deal with some of the reasons for my previous binge/comfort eating.

For me I also realise that when I start reintroducing food I will have to be very careful. I think I will always have an underlying problem and don't believe I can be 'normal' with food. I will have to avoid my trigger foods and go carefully.

So this is a long winded way of saying that lipotrim has been great for me, but it doesn't 'solve' everything. It has given me some space to plan how to deal with future food issues. It has also given me a great belief in myself and my ability to do this.

If you decide to give it a go then I wish you the best with it x


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Hi drdrew,

Would agree with Crims and can totally identify with Tara's post.

Have you had a look at the video on the Lipotrim site?

It is worth watching as it does explain the process very well.

here is the link.

Welcome to the Lipotrim Website

Love Mini xxx


Always welcome new m8's!
i have around 8 stone to lose and i would say i have a food addiction... meaning i eat for no reason other than habit bordem or comfort i dont feel full ever this has been the down fall on all of my diets
this diet however is different wheres as other diets you east less of what i am addicted too (which is torchure) i would have no feed whats so ever so i see it as coming clean so to speak..
Heya hun. Literally i could of wrote this! I mean seriously im exactly the same! I need to lose roughly the same amount and i ate cos i could. Watching tv or a film needed food. Everything was about food to me.
This diet is working for me because its an "all or nothing" situation. I cant cheat, i cant pick or fill up on fizzy rubbish. And it is working, iv lost about 10lbs in 4 days!

If you really want to lose the weight then you can do it on LT. You just need faith to get through the first few days and then you will see results!

If you need a friend these people on here are wonderful and im only a mouse click away:D

Good luck x
Hi drdrew and welcome.

I started with just short of 9 stone to lose and have almost shifted 6. I was a real foodaholic, and an even worse chocoholic!! Like you I ate when bored, down, stressed, anytime really. I put a lot of weight on when I was in a job I hated which didn't help. My GP recommended this diet last year but I didn't give it a second thought till a friend lost 5 stone on it earlier this year. While away in April I discovered my BP had shot up and it scared the life out of me. I returned and the very next day was at my chemist to start. I had a huge shock when I first found out what I weighed and gave myself 6 weeks on it to do something about it. I'm now in my 19th week and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I am finally no longer obese and weigh less than I have for at least 14 years. I look healthier, my skin glows and my nails are strong. The only down side is my normally thick hair is a lot thinner but I can live with that! It is also much less greasy than it was before so needs less washing.

I am hoping that when I reach target and can start refeeding that my whole view of food will have changed. I am encouraged by the fact I now crave salad and salmon or prawns and am not bothered by chocolate even though there is always some in the house because I have 3 children.

I cook and shop for my family and they are eating much better as well.

Good luck with your diet, I'm sure you'll be as thrilled with LT as I am.

This diet works for me where ALL others have failed, because there is no food choice! I dont have to think about what I am going to eat, I dont have to buy it in the shops and get distracted by the cakes and pies, I dont eat too much (if I go healthy, I normally eat so much of it that it just isnt healthy!).

I am a food addict too. a comfort eater, and a snacker! All of the reasons I biffed up in the first place. Becasue this diet doesnt allow food, I cant make the wrong choices.

If you are determined, if you are strong, and you are focused, LT will work for you and you will succeed. But you do have to work at it!!

Good luck, and go for it!!


Peace Love Happiness
Dr drdrew

I can really identify with your 'food addict' I am absolutely a foodie, and I have tried everything including Overeaters Anonymous, which treats food addiction like alcohol or drug addiction. It just didn't work and it was so demotivating to sit in a room with other fatties talking about their problems, and no-one really losing any weight, and even worse, anorexics being skinny in the same room!!!

This is day four for me, so I am no expert and I have to say it is a struggle, but what I know is I can't cope with food choices, I need for the food to be taken away, at least for a while. (and I guess in the way that an alcholic needs to abstain, that is what I need to do with food).

Reading the other people's stories on here is such a motivation, even when I am feeling horrid, it just gives me hope.

I've sorted out some mini-goals, looked again at all the lovely clothes I've been hanging onto for seven years, and knowing that it is now or never, I need to do this and I don't know anything else that I've been able to stick to for even four days!!
wow what can i say thank you all so much for the replies i dont feel so alone now.
im still building up the confidence to ring the chemist to get this ball rolling im not trying to delay it im just getting in to the right frame of mind im going to pick a date to start soon ive already got some ideas on keeping motivated going to put some songs on my i.pod that bring back good memorys etc i will keep you up dated i think this site will be my life line if im to succed
thanks again ;)
well these guys have pretty much summed everything up with what they have said, i lost 8 and a half stone in just over 5 months on lipotrim and i know for a fact that i could never of lost that much weight with any other diet, i just wouldnt of been able to stick to it for long enough and although to somebody that does have a problem with food lipotrim sounds very scary 'because of the not eating' it actually works wonders, i think it has completely changed my taste buds,i love healthy food, i have been refeeding for ten days i havent once even thought about eating anything that i used to eat, i dont miss it whatsoever ! i love eating healthy food now,everything tastes so good and i couldnt imagine eating takeaways or lots of processed,unhealthy snacks etc now

i would say go for it, you might surprise yourself, i never thought that i would be able to do the 'no food' thing but i found it easier than any other diet that i have ever tried, i used to be like you, overeating just for the sake of it,snacking constantly throughtout the day, i always felt hungry but it isnt like that for me anymore whatsoever, if you dont try then you wont know. you can do it xxxxxx

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