Advice needed from successful slimmers

Over the last four months I have lost just under 3 stone at a fairly steady rate of 2lbs a week. I haven't been following any particular diet, I have just been calorie counting.

Unfortunately, over the last two weeks my weight loss has stuttered to a halt. I always thought plateauing was a myth:(.

Has anyone else faced this problem and how did they overcome it?

I have about 18lbs left to lose.

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Last time I dieted and got to target, when I reached a plateau I dropped my calories by 100 a day and that kick-started it again. I started my diet on 1350 a day, and had to drop by 100 twice; once after the first 3 stone, then to lose the last half stone.



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def not a myth!

The best thing to do is keep on going, especially if you are exercising too.

Also, make sure you are measuring your waist as well as weighing as you may well be still losing inches.

Either way just be thankful that you are no longer gaining! :D x