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Advice Needed - I Have Pcos & Endometriosis

So I had my surgery 3 weeks ago. Doc found endo and polycystic ovaries and says I will not get pregnant without meds most likely (I don't ovulate).

This all has me scared. I want a family more than anything and am scared I will not be able to have kids. My boyfriend isn't ready right now to go ahead with fertility meds because we dont want it to happen right away but we also don't want to prevent it.

I do not want to go on BC... are there other options for controlling the endo? I'd like to get my body ovulating naturally and go from there. I've just recently in the last year regulated my period because I lost over 130lbs. I'm hoping I can get my body ovulating as well and if I get pregnant then it was meant to be. I don't want to force my body to do.something it doesn't want to.
I've read that vitex helps with ovulation as well as controlling estrogen levels which would help with my endo as well. Specially if I continue eating right and exercising.

Does this sound stupid? To not get on BC because we don't necessarily want to be pregnant right now but we don't want to prevent.it either?

I have an appointment on the 28th for the doctor too look at my bbt chart. My boyfriend is also supposed to have a.semen analysis done before then as well. This all needs.to be done.before I can take meds. Should I just cancel the appointment and try the vitex? It takes.up to 3 months to work. So maybe in 4 months if I'm still not ovulating I'll go the BC route or maybe my boyfriend will be 100% for the fertility meds.
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I think keep appointment as you can cancel as close as night before.... try the vitex i am going to be starting on those soon!!!! i feel its a lot for both you and your partner to take in, its ok not really taking and precautions, but another to actively try for a baby. take stock try with the natural meds and if the day before you feel the same cancel!!! if you think differently you still have appointment. Your weight loss is amazing and you are doing everything within your control for this to happen without assistance!!! you should feel mega proud of yourself.... good luck and keep positive x
Hi I am new on here and I also have PCOS and endo which was removed back in 2004 and i was told i couldn't have children I now have a 7 year old and flel pregnant again but it wasn't meant to be that time I guess but anyway I just wanted to say don't believe everything they tell you as I fell pregnant months after by op without trying at all


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Have u ever heard of metformin? it is a diabetic tablet but it actually helps u ovulate. look it up in google 'metformin ovulate'. x
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I was prescribed Metformin whilst studying at college to help my body regulate hormones to aid ovulation. It did work and whilst my periods weren't regular they did arrive every 6 weeks or so. Only down side is it can give you a bit if trouble in the toilet dept. As I was 18 and not looking to conceive at the time, I stopped. Good luck!! X


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I tried metformin for a few years did not work for me, but I know plenty it has worked for!!!! It is def the first drug to help with fertility.

I started tamoxifen yesterday day 2 today so fingers crossed ovulation in a few weeks x

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