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Advice on changing meetings please!

currently I weigh in on a Saturday morning which isn't very enjoyable if I've been seeing friends the night before! I have just had a leaflet through the door saying a new meeting has started on Monday evenings! woop!

Now what I would like to know is.. if I dont go to weigh in tomorrow and start going to the Monday meeting next week, will I be charged for a missed meeting? Or do I have to go to both and pay to be weighed twice in 3 days??

Also are meetings even still running when there is a bank holiday?!

thanks in advance for any help! xx
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Put the kettle on
Best advice i can offer is try contacting the leader of the monday group for further info. I would think they would be open on the bank hol still as otherwise they would be losing money.
Yes you do have W I on bank hols. My W I day is Monday and we all went last Monday, and going to the others too, ie this Monday coming and the one at the end of May. It is just the venue which has changed for these days. Yes contact the c that is the best thing to do.
Noooooooooooo well not where I am anyway. So you cant think, oh well I have 2 weeks to pull it back insteard of one!!!!! lol


Now to maintain.....
i would contact the consultant for the new class!
it probably does still run on bank hols-my class does.....but i do know of other people where their venues dont open so then have to weigh in a day or two later.
its also useful in regards to missing a week/weighing twice in 3 days etc to speak to the consultant too.i say this because saturday was this week,tomorrow is next week iyswim so yes it would be a case of twice in 3 days or miss a week but if you speak to them and they know you are changing they may be able to waive the missed week so you dont have to pay rather than weigh twice in 3 days.

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