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advice please from any one on a VLCD

Morning everyone:D
I just wanted a little advice...I want to start CD again, havent done it since last year. Well, my hairdresser came to do my hair yesterday and after she had gone I noticed how thin is has got. Definitely not my imagination. Well I had a good old cry to why I have done this to myself.
My hair being so thin and falling out is due to a very bad food diet, yo-yo dieting.
I know cd could make it worse...would you just do it and sort hair out after? Do believe I will have none left.
So upset but only myself to blame.
I do apologise for the self pity and I know there is some lady on the forum going through chemo and she has gone through so much....which should put it into prespective for me.
Sorry for the doom and gloom...normally not my way but so upset:cry:
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on the shrink.!!
Hi trolley dolly.

I'm a hairdresser and have wondered this myself a few times. But I think that unless ur on this diet for a very long time your hair shouldn't really be affected that much. Hair actually thrives on protein. eggs are often used in homemade conditioning treatments...
That said, yes if you do cd long term it can result in hairloss. But this does return to normal once u start maintaining according to the book.
But in my honest opinion ( and this is just my opinion others may differ ) .... there are sooo many fab hair pieces and wigs out there that any hairloss could be easily disguised while u are on it weightloss journey. and then once u get to ur goal, if u keep to a low carbish higher protein diet ur hair will come back very quickly.
I actually had a client yesterday who has thin hair but has always wanted a thick choppy fringe...and she landed into the salon yesterday with a hairpiece that u clip in and cut to shape to give u a lovely thick fringe. There are also things like long ponytails that u clip onto ur own pony tail. Oh and there's a new product out called a ''flip in''. It blends in with ur own hair to make it appear thicker and longer. Google it and have a look and u can also view how to put it in on YouTube.
So my point is...that there's always gonna be ways to disguise ur hair getting thinner but it's not so easy to disguise a body that ISN'T getting thinner...!!! Lol :) I hope this helps u pet. Good luck if you do decide to start CD again xxx
thanks Emz for your reply and good advise. I know deep down it will be fine but so hard to handle. But I know it can be sorted.
My hair is very long so was thinking of getting is cut short just while I do this...and can sort out later. Think my body has a problem absorbing anything good after over load of rubbish.
Starting CD 2 weeks today and can not wait.
Good luck with you weight loss and CD...we can do this..
Will look in to hair pieces....thank you so much for your advice and support..that why I love this forum...family and friends do not understand and probably never will.
OMG...going for a walk in the shine to cheer myself up...so not like me.
Have a fun day x


on the shrink.!!
No probs hunni my pleasure. And yeah if ur hair is very long then maybe it would be an idea to get a bit cut off it. Even get it cut to just below ur shoulders with a few layers in it as layers will make it appear fuller and thicker. And get yourself a good volume shampoo. :) and just try not to give ur hair too much abuse eg. Curling, straighteners etc.
Good luck for ur restart in 2 weeks hun. I'm sure you'll do fab. And enjoy ur walk in the sun. It's pissing it down here in ireland so will be a sofa day for me :) xx
Another way to look at it, Trolley Dolly - the hair loss is by all accounts temporary and if after you reach goal you eat a healthy, balanced diet your hair will once again be fabulous. BUT, if you don't lose the weight you could be headed toward an early heart attack or stroke, and in that case your hair won't make much difference anyway! The vanity side of being overweight is pretty irrelevant when you consider the health implications.

Emz is right, there are so many ways now to make up for thinning hair. And if you do ss or ss+ 100%, you're only talking about several months at worst. Sooo worth it, in my opinion.

Good luck on your journey. I once thought I had absolutely no will power, but look at me now after 11 weeks and over 50lbs down! You can do it, focus on the important aspects of why you're doing this :)
Well done cheese girl on 11 weeks and your weight loss. You done fantastic.
I know its just my inner chatterbox trying to talk me out of it....I am eating now and hair falling out so just something I will have sort it out after..there is obviously another reason for it happening....Also, some straight talking to me.....can not die from hair loss...but being overweight can lead to all kinds of health related things.
Actually, I forgot to mention this but before I started CD my hair was falling out all over the place. I don't think it was thinning as I still had very thick hair, but it was everywhere I looked around the flat, had to sweep it up daily. Now it seems to have gone dormant - it isn't falling out as it was before, nor is it growing. So maybe it is a lot to do with nutrition...

Good luck on your journey and keep posting here, it really helps! :)
Thankyou for the words of comfort and support cheese girl and emz.
I am going to start CD, do know how amazing the diet is did it back in 2009.
Going to doctors to have some blood tests and having my hair cut on to a bob with layers.

Then start CD on 14th August, as have some pre-planned events and don't won't to stray once I have started.
Have a lovely day and well done x

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