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Advice please - weigh ins

I usually have my packs - one at breakfast, one in the office at lunchtime (under extreme secrecy), one for supper and then a hot chocolate before bed. But on LL meeting nights this won't be possible as by the time I get in I won't be able to fit in 2 packs before bed. So I thought I'd have my hot choc mid afternoon but I also want to maximise my weight loss on the scales! How long should I leave between a pack and the dreaded moment on the scales? I have read here that it's best not to drink too much water in the 2 hours before the weigh in.....

Thanks :confused:

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I spread mine out the usual breakfast, dinner, tea and supper, our LL meets were on Saturday mornings and a few of us had our breakfast there. Now in development in an evening some eat a bar during the meeting - As long as you get your 4 in a day you will be fine - agree on the water I minimise my intake on a weigh in as it caught me out a couple of times.


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Peridot to be honest, I think that as long as you do the same thing each week you will show a true loss. When my class was early evening I'd only have a breakfast and lunch but now it starts at 8pm I have a pack at 6ish as well and then a bar/soup when I come home. I tend to drink water in the same way each week too in the hopes that my losses will show as true as possible.


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As above - my WI is at 5pm and I never drink more than a litre beforehand (but I drink lots until late the night before) Then I drink two lites during the session and have a litre when I get home at about 8.

I also leave all my packs till I get home and I have a double soup and a bar and a chocolate for pudding over about an hour. But I do know that some people don't like doubling up packs. Just do the same every week so you can compare week to week properly (and wear light clothes) ;) is my advice. I wore the same dress every week for the first 10 weeks!
I try not to get too crazy about the WI. My WI has always been after 6pm so I've already had 1 or 2 packs and quite a bit of water. I agree with the above, as long as you keep to the same routine you can't really go wrong :D
Our LLC says that its fine to double up on packs, and as everyone here is saying - as long as you do the same thing every week, that should even things out.

The other thing our LLC said is that we shouldn't have a pack/bar less than 1.5 to 2 hours before a WI as you may not get a pink ketone stick - Not what you want after a week of sticking to plan! I'm not sure if this is true for everyone, but I make sure I eat at least 2 hours before my WI just in case.

Mrs Lard

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Hi Peridot

Nice to see you over here! I have just found your blog - had problems earlier in the week - so hope to catch up properly.

Totally agree with what's been written so far:

whatever you do, do the same each week - water intake, clothes (very important), food. I drink my last litre of water 1.5 hours before weigh in (dictated by the train journey in!) and then drink through the session but I would have already drunk at least 3 litres in the day.

I haven't heard the no bars before weigh in before so that's interesting.

I think it's the consistency during Foundation that makes the difference rather than the odd foodpack being consumed at a slightly different time.

Good luck with the journey!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxx


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I plan on having a shake for breakfast, a soup when I get home from work, then a bar after weigh-in, and the last one when I get home.

It says in the book that it doesn't matter when you have them. In week 1 I went 10 hours between having a pack and then had three in four hours when I got home as I didn't want to make the soups and shakes up at work. I am now onto bars, so I take a bar with me if I want to have something at work, but 1/3 days this week I had it on the way home in the car. I'm trying to stop associating work with food.

Last week, however I had my last 500mls of water (and I'd had 9 of them!!!) at 3:15pm, and at 7:40pm when I got weighed, my ketostick was bright purple when it should have been pink. I wonder if the long gap had something to do with it. I want to buy my own to make sure that I am burning fat

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