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Advice Please - Whole Chicken in a Slow Cooker??


I have a whole chicken in the freezer, was thinking of defrosting it and cooking the whole thing in the slow cooker. I have searched on here and noticed a few people have done it but all with different methods.

I was thinking of putting the chicken in with some onions (as thats all I have) and pouring in a little (maybe a small class full) of chicken oxo stock and simply leaving it for 6/7 hours.

Do you think this will be ok? Dont want the chicken to dry out and the slow cooker burns!

Advice would be very welcome! Thanks xx
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You really don't need to add any liquid as you'll be amazed by the amount that comes out of the chicken. So no chance of it drying out!

I would scrunch up some balls of foil and lay the chicken on top of them, that way it won't be sitting in all the juice/fat that come out of the bird.
I have to say I tend to buy either Organic or free range chickens (ie expensive!) chickens these days, and whenever I roast them conventionally in an oven I am surprised how little or no liquid at all comes out of them.

This in itself has made me stay well away from the cheaper chickens.

Just wondering if its worth covering the chicken in a chicken stock so it 'poaches' - would be wonderfully moist and you could use the broth and any leftover chicken to make a wonderful soup.


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If you just want a 'roast' chicken, put on top of scrunched up foil, place a cut onion inside the bird and a lemon if you have one, it will be deeeeelish, and no the foil wont burn.....at least it never has when i have done this :)
OMG this is amazing! why have i not done this sooner!?!
used a tiny amount of stock and now there is loads of it so going to make a soup with all the stock i think xx
I really want to try this, one more question though, what setting do you have your slow cooker on? I am out of the house 12 hours a day, so it will go on at 7am and be on til 7pm. High/Medium/Low please? Am a little panicky about undercooked chicken.... thanks. x


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Just on the low setting will be perfect. No chance of undercooked chicken as it takes about 8-9 hours on low. So 12 hours will be plenty of time to cook your chicken.
Cheers Circes

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