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Advice please???

Hey guys and merry xmas!!
Ok i really need advice on this one,

I am starting LT again 2moro to lose 3st of the original 7st I lost :(
However there are 2 problemos,
1-I'm going away with all my girls for New Years and really want2 drink, do you think I could stay on it and stick to just vodka and diet coke???

2-I'm seeing this new guy and I'm not telling him about LT, how can I hide it? I know you'll all say come clean but that's not an option so any ideas how to keep it from him??

Any feedback is much appriciated!!

Thanks crew
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One last chance
Well for number one, drinking alcohol is a no go in LT as you probably are already aware of. I read that being on this diet and drinking alcohol can kill you. Diet coke still has it's sugars and sweetners and stuff. It's best to just avoid it.

Or you could just start when things are a little more comfortable for you to start.

The whole dude your meeting up with business, I don't think hiding it is a good idea. But as you said earlier I guess that is a bit of a problem. As I said, maybe you should porspone the diet until you are really ready to.

I hope this helps.
I know you're right and if i wasn't in this position that's the exact same advice i'd give too but telling him is a no no and staying in on New years would kill me!
urggg i wish there was some way around it all!!


blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I agree why dont you start when you can have a clear run. This is one of those all or nothing diets!

When you go back on it and you dont want to tell your guy the only way you can hide it is to say that your cutting down and alcohol is out, maybe if you eat together salad and lean meat. If you want to do it you will find a way.

How long did it take you to lose your weight and how long to lose 3 stone, 2 months thats not long.

How long did you keep it off for? Why did you put it back on. Sorry not being nosey just interested, I'm really worried about losing weight and putting it back on.

Good luck with your decision, keep us posted.

I started last Jan-the 6th- I went from 19st to 10st7bls, I actually ended up in hosp with gallstones so I put on about a stone in there:( hosp food and no exercise,
then i got so caught up with being slim and partying i didn't even think about what i was eating, it was ALL my own fault!!
Nothing to do with LT but you really really need to be so carefull not to fall back to old ways. I've put back on 3stone so still lost est 5st ot including the 3 i put back on.
Don't worry at all you'll be fine, just remember the hard part is maintaining!

I really don't thik yu should throw it all away for a night out. Stcik with something that'll do the least damage.

As suggested here: when you're outwith your new beau - eat salad and protein. In any case it'll put you in good stead for maintenence.

19St to 10St? :eek: You've done EXCELLENTLY! Well done :clap:
I can hopefully avoid food altogether when out with the new guy, it's the "lets go for drinks" or "bottle of wine and dvd" things i have to find ways out of.
I must sound like an alco but you know how it is when you're in the beginning of something,
I'm thinking you're right about new years it's not worth it and if I can even lose 2stone on full LT then the last stone on maintanance i'd be happy!!
good plan?
I would say only thing to do about night out is perhaps offer to drive? then you wont have to drink or just say feeling slightly off - that way you cans still be socialable without breaking the diet, if its worrying you that much try and find away around it so you dont. It aint easy but I decided to tell people about what I was doing and although not all are happy about it they respect it and help me cope with it.

You did fantastically losing all that weight! well done!
Aw thank you hun!!
I have no problem telling people, family and friends but this guy is new and I think LT might sound very strange to him, this time last year I was 19st and my boyf at the time was great as it was clear that it was much needed but now I'm size 14 which isn't too bad so I'm afraid it'd seem very odd giving up food etc you know?x
I dont think it will be to hard. Just tell him your cutting out alcohol in the new year as a new year resoloution!! A lot of people do and he prob wont think twice about it.

Well done on the weight loss, and good luck with the last hurdle xx

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
That was such a good weight lose, no wonder you went out partying!!

You've done it once you can do it again catch it now so you dont have too much to lose.

Did your skin shrink back? How long did it take?


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