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Advice would be appreciated!!


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I have an impromptu 2 day meeting down south next week involving lunch on the first day, dinner at night, breakfast meeting, lunch and an airport wait with my boss in the evening. I am not ready to tell my colleagues about Exante but not sure how I can hide the fact I'm not eating conventional food! If it was 1 day, say b/fast lunch or lunch/dinner I could cope better (upset tummy) but I'll find 5 meals harder to cope with. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

These meetings tend to be very sociable around meals as we don't get together often as a team!
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Just try to avoid carbs as much as you can. Stick to meat and veg and you should at least stay in ketosis.
Oh thats really difficult..... make sure you have lots of water, take the advice above and cut lots of your food up and move around on the plate!! at least it will look like you've been eating ....then run like the wind to devour a bar or shake!!!xxx


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Shimmystar, that's what I'm planning to do I think! I am hoping most of my colleagues will be watching what they are eating and drinking after the festivities!

I don't want to start eating this early on, I'll be day 8! The annoying thing is I had everything planned out - I have a 3 day meeting on wk5 and I was going to AAM that week anyway.

My plan is, I think!
Day 1: i have a presentation to give so I can put lack of food consumption down to nerves! evening meal: order something I don't like so I'm not tempted!
Day 2: dicky tum - which will explain why I didn't eat the night before.
Great stuff!!!
the best bit is you've already thought about it a planned a solution so when it comes to it you'll know what to do...
good luck with all of it (and the presentation!!) and let us know how you get on!
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Sounds great advice! I have been in this situation with work also and its so hard but I think you have it sussed! I spent alot of time in my hotel room boiling the kettle to make soups and taking bars with me and only ordering veg options and not eating it! Just remember that this is your personal goal and dont sacrifice it for other people - Thats probably how we all got into this mess in the first place! Your doing this for you x x good luck x x
Good luck it's really hard. I'm just going to tell everyone I'm on a diet and say I ate my low calorie meal before I came out so as not to break the diet


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yea, need to find more excuses, too! People are always asking why i dont eat !
but good solutions geebg!


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Well, I survived day one!!! Had a bar after lunch (which didn't look too appetising). No-one asked why I wasn't eating, I think they thought I was just nervous about my presentation. Got back to the hotel and had some work to do with my colleague who I then told about Exante, she was very supportive! :0). I had veg soup before we went down for dinner and I ordered a starter sized chicken and bacon salad, I ate a few wee bits of chicken and some lettuce and left the rest and drank a sparkling water (1l). I 'm back in my room now and celebrating with a hot chocolate. Proud of myself.... Day 2 to follow!!


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day 2 was a bit more of a struggle, skipped breakfast had a shake instead. Buffet lunch arrived but fortunately it didn't look too appetising - difficult because people kept asking why I wasn't eating 'didn't fancy anything, too much oil and mayo and my tummy was a wee bit queazy' I ate half my 'muesli' bar and had a cup of tea - water consumption was down because I was in a meeting the rest of the day. Airport was ok! Had lounge access which was cool, my boss kept asking me if I'd eaten anything today and I said 'of course, I had a big breakfast' I had a cup of tea and the other half of my bar. I only had 2 'packs' yesterday as by the time I got home i was really tired and just wanted to go to bed - couldn't face a pack!
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Well done! If you can do that you can do anything! xx