Advise Needed (not related to CD)


Hey folks,

I really need your help. This is the story. I currently live in a small mid terraced house with no front garden and no hall, you walk stright into my living room and my stairs are in the living room.

We currently owe €232,000 on our mortgage and the house is worth €320,000. We own out €27,000 on loans. Today we looked at houses in Co Carlow (2 hours from where I live in Dublin) and a large three bed house brand new hall semi detached, front garden the works was €260,000. So we are thinking about buying it. But is it is such a move. If we do it with the profit we make on the house we could pay off the debt, bring down the mortgage etc.

It such a decision. It is not a mayor town and from the internet there does not seem to be alot of work in the area so we might have to commute to Dublin until I find anything. Also we would then have to pay for creshes where my mam minds my daughter now so we dont have any cresh fees
Dont do it just for the money, the old saying 'money can't but happiness'

Try writing a pros and cons list for both financial and emotional things so you can see. If you do this seperately then compare it.

I have found that since having kids i t has taken a long time to build up a good circle of friends and i would not give them up without a fight.

You could talk to a financial advisor about your current mortgage there are some good deals around modst of the time.

Best of luck, let us know what you decide
to be honest i have NO friends so of course my family is important. its not just the money the area i currently live in is not a good area so i have to move - but to where